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5 Android widget features you will love!

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5 Android widget features you will love! Because you are probably looking for new ways to personalize your phone, whether it’s your home screen or just to put some of the most important information, such as your inbox, the weather, a to-do list, your music player, etc. Well, as a part of the commemoration of the new Google Maps widget launch, Google’s team has decided to enable 35 new features in order to customize your mobile. At the moment, we will present you with five of our favorite widgets to help everyone better organize their home screens.

1. Check local traffic with a tap

The most recent and outstanding, with Google Maps’ real-time traffic predictions, you are going to be able to plan your travels and meetings with friends! As you read, this useful nearby traffic widget (launching in the coming weeks) will show you information about your current location right from your Android Home Screen. 

Thus, if you’re about to leave home, school,work, or anywhere else, you can easily take a look at the exact local traffic without the need to open the app and search for the specific location because you can zoom in and out from your start screen.

2. Tap to instantly archive emails

It is likely a very useful tool, especially for those users who always have a lot of incoming emails. This widget will provide you with an easier way to keep your inbox organized by just tapping to archive an email when it hits your mailbox, of course, without having to open the Gmail app.

3. Scroll through your to-do list

Designed to quickly check your to-do lists, the Google Keep widget is an easy way to keep track of your tasks for the day. And believe us, lots of users love it because of its scrollable layout, but beyond that, its feature of crossing all items makes it perhaps the most satisfying thing to do.

4. Skim through your favorite translations

Another widget in which you can scroll down is the Google Translate one. So, if you need to keep some phrases handy while you’re traveling or speaking with friends and family, you can highlight them to always appear on your home screen. To do so, just open the app and mark with a star your favorite translations, and they will appear right on the widget. 

5. Resize widgets to fit your needs

The new updates bring with them Android widgets that are easy to resize and change their shapes to help them fit on your home screen without changing their features at all. For instance, if you make the Drive widget smaller, it’ll turn into a toolbar so you can still quickly search for your files.

In short, as you can see, Google’s team has made a great effort to develop better features that complement its services and at the same time give the user a finer experience by using them. Most likely, we will see new functions as Android 13 continues to grow.

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