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Melodious and sad, Salt Houses follows three ages of a Palestinian family and requests that we face that generally decimating of all insights: you can’t return home once more.

Motivated by a genuine occasion, this strong brief tale from the writer of National Book Award finalist Pachinko investigates the significance of man controlled society and the expense of female quiet through the eyes of a devoted little kid.

A brilliant understudy from a poor, customary family in Seoul, the storyteller has retained a similar message for what seems like forever: Only a kid can give the family nobility and riches. Not her. Not her three sisters. Getting endorsement just for uncomplaining penance, she has set out to take on her family’s inconveniences. She is a decent young lady. Also, she understands what great young ladies should do.

The Best Girls is essential for Disorder, an assortment of six brief tales of living bad dreams, chilling dreams, and uncanny creative mind that investigate a world losing its equilibrium in frightening ways. Each piece can be perused or paid attention to in a solitary perplexing sitting.


In a cutting edge retelling of Edgar Allan Poe’s William Wilson by the creator of The Old Drift, a youthful person of color’s distrustfulness raises as he is followed, tested, and threatened by a doppelgänger keen on undermining his life.

Since secondary school, someone’s been playing the reverberation game on Will Williams. A carbon copy with similar tattoos and a similar name has been following him. Beginning by embroiling Will in unimportant violations, and raising to offenses with serious jail terms, he’s subverted each endeavor Will has made to get his life on target. Presently, floating from one city to another, Will’s making every effort to surpass his shadow.

Will Williams is important for Disorder, an assortment of six brief tales of living bad dreams, chilling dreams, and uncanny creative mind that investigate a world losing its equilibrium in frightening ways. Each piece can be perused or paid attention to in a solitary confusing sitting.


Confidence Simpson is brought into the world at the beginning of the 20th 100 years into a tradition that gives her beginning and end she will at any point require — with the exception of her folks’ affection and consideration. Frequently misjudged, she believes not many as she experiences childhood with the family’s manicured Long Island bequest. Only 29 miles away, on bring down Manhattan’s filthy, swarmed roads, Hope Lee’s reality is one of destitution and distress. The crude offspring of diligent Irish and Chinese migrants has figured out how to fight for herself, until a horrendous fiasco pushes her into an unusual, new universe of honor.

At the point when she meets Faith, Hope has confronted sufficient misfortune to endure forever, and, similar to Faith, she has fabricated a close to home wall to make due. Constrained by the unfortunate obligations of totally different young lives, they before long fashion areas of strength for a. Yet, when Faith’s dad opts for Hope as his protégé, and, more awful yet, both Faith and Hope go gaga for a similar man, disdain and selling out undermine their bond. Trapped in the tumult of World War I, Wall Street, association battles, and changing ladies’ jobs, these two phenomenal ladies find that genuine fortune can’t be traded.

Fourteen years after the finish of subjection, Lord Henry Hardin and his significant other, Lady Bertha, partake in an entitled life in Union County, Arkansas. Until he faces a staggering reality: Bertha can’t bear youngsters. In the event that Henry doesn’t deliver a successor, the American part of his family name will vanish. So Henry, frantic to safeguard his highborn family heredity, does the unimaginable.

At the point when Salome, a previous slave and Henry’s paramour, brings forth a white-cleaned, blue-looked at little girl, Henry arranges a hesitant Lady Bertha to guarantee the kid as their own… permitting youthful Margaret to pass into the white universe of honor.

As Margaret becomes older, ignorant about her actual parentage, crushing conditions take steps to cover her in aggravation and disgrace… however at that point, at last, in disclosure. Notwithstanding reports about Margaret’s actual character, still up in the air to change her girl’s harsh past into her solid future while Henry takes phenomenal measures to safeguard his inheritance. Spreading over many years and ages, set apart by misfortune and recovery, this remarkable adventure enlightens a family’s battle for their name, for endurance, and for genuine opportunity.

In for her entire life, Eustacia “Taisy” Cleary has given her heart to just three men: her most memorable love, Ben Ransom; her twin sibling, Marcus; and Wilson Cleary — teacher, designer, adulterer, independent tycoon, splendid man, stunning jerk: her dad.

Quite a while back, Wilson dumped his most memorable family for Caroline, a wonderful youthful stone carver. In all that time, Taisy’s family has seen Wilson, Caroline, and their little girl, Willow, just a single time.

Why then, is Wilson calling Taisy currently, welcoming her for a drawn out visit, empowering her to meet her lovely sister — a youngster who sees her with desire, question, and hesitant profound respect? Why, presently, does Wilson believe that Taisy should assist him with composing his diary?


It is 1327. Benedictines in a rich Italian monastery are associated with blasphemy, and Brother William of Baskerville shows up to examine. At the point when his fragile mission is abruptly eclipsed by seven peculiar passings, Brother William turns criminal investigator. His devices are the rationale of Aristotle, the philosophy of Aquinas, the observational experiences of Roger Bacon — all honed to a flickering edge by wry humor and a fierce interest.

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