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5 interesting features included in Telegram Premium

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Whatever your purposes behind utilizing Telegram, it’s a strong informing application. It makes for an incredible option in contrast to WhatsApp and SMS informing, and Telegram is certainly worth utilizing, particularly on the off chance that you can convince your companions to join.

In any case, in the event that you haven’t moved past the essentials, you’re passing up a great deal of the best Telegram usefulness. Underneath, we detail a few less popular elements of Telegram that you might have neglected as of not long ago.

Relocate Phone Numbers, or Add a Second Number

Have you at any point expected to change your telephone number however stressed over moving every one of your contacts and other data to the new number? While this can be a great deal of work, Telegram does everything for you. You can undoubtedly change the telephone number connected to your record without losing any of your talks or contacts.

On iPhone, in the following menu, tap Edit in the upper right corner. This step isn’t required on Android.

Then, at that point, pick Change Number and adhere to the guidelines. This will move all messages, clients, and media to your new versatile number. Furthermore, Telegram will consequently add your new number in the location books of every one of your contacts.

To add a second number as opposed to relocating, Telegram likewise allows you to utilize numerous records on the double. For Android, on the left sidebar, tap your contact data to extend the record switcher and pick Add Account. On iPhone, tap Edit on the profile page and pick Add Another Account.

You can utilize this to, for instance, keep your own and proficient lives separate on Telegram without utilizing another courier application.

Transfer Multiple Profile Pictures to Telegram

Talking about products, Telegram permits you to transfer extra profile photographs. While the most recent photograph is the profile picture your contacts will see, they can swipe to see your other pictures.

To transfer new profile pictures, open Settings. On Android, tap on the camera symbol at the upper right. On iPhone, tap the Edit button and pick Set New Photo or Video.

You can take another photograph, transfer a current one, scan the web for another picture, or eliminate your ongoing photograph.

Tap your profile picture here to see all that you’ve transferred before. You can look across them; tap the Set as Main Photo choice that shows up on the upper perfect menu (as three specks on Android or Edit on iPhone) to set a more established picture as your ongoing profile picture.

Attempt Secret Telegram Chats

While all Telegram talks are client-server encoded, default visits are as yet put away on Telegram’s servers. This advantageously permits you to get to your messages on different gadgets, yet it could raise protection concerns.

On Android, essentially slide out the left menu and pick New Secret Chat to begin another one. On iPhone, open a visit, tap the contact’s name at the top, pick More, and afterward hit Start Secret Chat.

Redo the Look of Telegram

In Telegram, you can change the variety and foundation. Assuming that you like, you could actually set up your own custom subject to make Telegram look the very way you like.

To change the subject, go to Settings > Chat Settings on Android, or Settings > Appearance on iOS. Here you can change the text size, bubble tones, night mode settings, and comparable choices. Pick Chat Background to set another backdrop for your gatherings.

Use Telegram Bots

In the same way as other correspondence applications, Telegram incorporates chatbots. Bots add helpful capabilities both all alone and into your talks; they can do all that from actually looking at the climate to messing around.

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