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5 Pros and Cons of MacBook You Should Learn About

MacBook, introduced in 2008, is one of the thinnest and lightest laptop devices to ever exist. It is the most popular product of Apple after the iPhone. And did you know that MacBook Air is 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly because it is created from recycled aluminum? 


It is considered as one of the best choices for all types of people–be it students or working corporate professionals. However, every device has its advantages and disadvantages. Before buying a MacBook, everyone should know these in detail.


PRO – Excellent Battery Life


One of the biggest advantages of the Apple MacBook is the longevity of its battery life, which can even last for a good twelve to fourteen hours. 


Not many laptops offer this kind of battery life; it can be a great selling point to attract users who spend a considerable time working on the laptops all day long. The battery life depends on several factors like temperature and usage.  


CON – Less Compatible Files

macOS saves images in HEIC files which are often not supported on other operating systems and applications. Although these files come with a couple of advantages, such as they consume less space while allowing faster downloads, they have compatibility restrictions. 


That’s why macOS users often ask how to open heic files to make them accessible on other devices. This can be a drawback as it may be time-consuming to convert HEIC to JPEG or another file format.


PRO – Great Portability and Ease


Another most popular selling point of a MacBook Air is the portability it offers because of its weight and slim look. It is 0.67 inches in thickness and weighs a bit over 2.96 pounds. 


For those who wish to carry the laptop around all day in a bag along with heavy textbooks, it can be a great investment. Even for corporate professionals, it is easy to carry laptops for meetings. 


CON – Lacks Touch Support


A touch screen with a laptop is beneficial to professionals like graphic designers or a student who needs a touch screen to carry out their tasks efficiently. A MacBook user needs to use paper or digital notes if they need to take down some points or, in some cases, buy a MacBook as well as an iPad. 


This increases the cost. It is easy to buy another brand’s laptop that offers touch screen features at a much lower cost.


PRO – Safe Retina Display


The MacBook Air has a resolution of 2560 X 1600 with 4 million pixels that supports a very high display. In fact, the latest MacBook Air has 40% new colors as opposed to its previous models. 


The readability of the text is also very sharp and impressive in this model. The borders on display are much thinner, which results in a better display. 


CON – Restricted Hardware Upgrades


Limited hardware upgradability is one of the major drawbacks that restricts users from buying MacBooks at such heavy pricing. 


Components like processor, memory, and storage cannot be upgraded, so it might not be worth spending hugely on MacBooks when other bands like Windows offer high-end customizations on their laptops.


PRO – Huge Internal storage 

Storage has been a common problem with most devices. The storage also affects the performance of the MacBook by making it slower if it’s loaded with data and files. The internal SSD ( Solid State Drive) of the MacBook has flash storage of 128GB in both 11-inch and 13-inch models. 


This is a huge plus point because it impacts the quality of performance and lifespan of a device manifold. Moreover, this facilitates quicker file transfer and faster downloads as well as shortens the boot times.


CON – High, Fancy Pricing


Price and quality always go hand in hand. For the MacBook, however, the majority of buyers feel that it’s burning a hole in their pockets. There are other laptops in the market with similar, if not the same, features costing half the price of a MacBook. 


If you have a set budget, it is definitely better to look for other options and evaluate before making a decision. 


PRO – Variety of Useful Apps


MacBook also comes loaded with in-built apps that cater to every problem a user needs to solve. From playing to working to studying, MacBook has different apps for different things you might want from the device. 


Some of these apps include notes, to-do lists, calendars, maps, and reminders. Apps like iMovie also come in-built in the MacBook to help you edit videos. 


CON – Obsolete Processor


Anyone buying an expensive device will want to use it for a long time. A student, for example, will want to use it all through his college life. 


If all you want to do on the MacBook is surf the web, check emails, view documents, use social media, you can still look for other options. These functions can be supported well by other devices with lower prices.

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