Amazon’s new music keyboard is capable of creating new songs from a melody using machine learning

Amazon’s new music keyboard is capable of creating new songs from a melody using machine learning

December 10, 2019 Off By Carolcfr

Amazon, in addition to selling products online, has a huge web services and artificial intelligence division called AWS (Amazon Web Services). In it, Amazon brings together everything related to tasks in the cloud, such as voice to text transcription, augmented reality, blockchain and, of course, machine learning. It is precisely the latter that takes advantage of DeepComposer, the latest release of the brand that is nothing more than a musical keyboard to create new songs from a melody using machine learning.

According to Amazon, it is the first of its kind. It is a keyboard similar to a piano with 32 keys designed for developers “to have access to generative AI, either with pre-trained models or theirs”. At the moment the device is in the testing phase, but it can be used in the cloud through the AWS console in certain regions of the United States. Its operation is really simple in practice, although what happens behind the scenes is really interesting.

From a Beethoven song to a rock theme

How does DeepComposer work? For the user, he only has to log in to the AWS console, record a short melody or import an already recorded one, select a generative model corresponding to his favorite genre (say, rock) or import his own model and play the composition on the console Automatically, the AI ​​returns a similar composition, but modified and adapted to the model we previously chose that we can import directly into SoundCloud.

Behind, what we really have is an antagonistic generative network (GAN), which consists of a generating neural network and another that discriminates. The generator uses random data to create samples that are sent to the discriminator, and it must identify whether the sample is part of the training corpus or if it is a false sample created by the generating neural network. Gradually, the generating network learns to create compositions so real that the discriminating network is not able to identify it as false.

This new creation of Amazon is projected as a very useful instrument for fans and music lovers, who enjoy and love the art of creating new melodies. The new Amazon keyboard will be a useful tool for composers and even for DJs.