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Best ways to hide files and folders on Windows

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Might it be said that there is a document or envelope on your PC that you might want to stow away? Maybe you share a PC and need to stay quiet about certain reports. Perhaps there’s a record you need to keep on your PC, yet don’t have any desire to see consistently. Or then again perhaps, quite possibly, you’re stressed over holding a specific record back from intrusive eyes.

To conceal something around your home, you have two choices. Most importantly, you can conceal it someplace unreliable – like away from plain view – and trust that nobody thinks to look there. Or on the other hand, besides, you can secure it up a protected where individuals can’t get in without some genuine exertion. The equivalent is valid for your records. You can make them harder to find with indefinite quality, or you can ensure them with encryption. How about we go over certain tips for the two techniques, beginning with how to conceal your records.

Step by step instructions to conceal any document or organizer in Windows

Concealing a document or an envelope in Windows just takes a couple of snaps. Open the File Explorer in Windows, then, at that point, select the records or organizers you might want to stow away (you can choose different documents by holding the CTRL key and clicking them). Then, at that point, click View at the highest point of the window to uncover that segment of the strip, where you’ll Hide chosen things.

Click that button to quickly conceal your documents. You won’t see the file(s) – expecting the PC is set not to show stowed away records, that is – and different clients will not have any method of realizing they exist. This isn’t idiot-proof, notwithstanding. Right next to the button we used to conceal our records is a choice called Hidden documents, which, when clicked, shows the secret records.

Click that and the documents you thought were covered up records will be revealed. Hiding documents in Windows isn’t planned to be a security work, yet more so a comfort. You can leave a document or organizer on your PC without seeing it, which is valuable for setup records that program infrequent abandon. It’s great that these records exist, however excessive that you see them. Assuming there are records you’ve made that you feel the same way about, concealing them may be really smart. On the off chance that there’s something on your PC you don’t need others to get to, however, you want one more degree of security.

Encode your whole hard drive

On the off chance that you’re actually worried about somebody observing a specific record or documents on your PC, you can go above and beyond by scrambling your whole PC. There are a few choices to do as such, yet assuming that you’re utilizing Windows 7 or later, we suggested utilizing the inherent BitLocker administration. You can track down it by looking for “BitLocker” in the Start Menu, or by perusing the Control Panel.

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