Forget about urban legends, tricks to take care of your smartphone

Forget about urban legends, tricks to take care of your smartphone

January 12, 2020 Off By Carolcfr

The new technologies are full of urban legends, especially smartphones, the device that always goes with us and we use much of the day. Many of these myths were true at the time, but with the evolution and development of the devices have become unusable and in some cases they cause the opposite.


Any time is good to learn to use our mobile correctly and to not go through these situations, we have joined all the tips that will allow us to make good use of our mobile.


You don’t have to close multitasking


Some years ago when smartphones had just 1 GB of RAM and the processors were not able to offer us the current performance, closing multitasking was constantly a measure to take into account to improve performance.


At present we have several GB of RAM, processors with high capacities and a performance that can be compared with computers. If we are currently closing multitasking continuously, we will only be causing a greater consumption of battery and resources.


The smartphone knows for itself to close the apps that it no longer needs, even if they appear in multitasking, they are not exercising any consumption of resources on the mobile. A myth that should disappear if we don’t want to make our phone end up breaking before.


Charge the mobile up to 100?


Another of the most widespread urban legends that we must forget has to do with batteries. Current batteries are ready to calibrate automatically, we don’t need to fully charge or let it discharge. This specifically will cause our battery to suffer and end up suffering.


The correct and most advisable thing is to load it before it drops below 20% and unplug it around 80%, the percentage that as you can see for yourself faster loads. Below or above these numbers, the battery should be more careful not to overcharge or damage it and therefore, it is better to reserve those percentages for specific situations.


Airplane mode to save battery


Years ago when not all smartphones had a battery saving mode, activating the airplane mode was the only available resource, although the truth is that we currently have other measures implemented in all mobile phones that will help us correctly reduce consumption .


Currently, if we activate airplane mode, we may not deactivate WiFi or GPS, including Bluetooth in the future. However, if we use the battery saving mode of our mobile, if we are getting what we are looking for, completely deactivating the GPS position or limiting the amount of processes that are open in the background.


With all the technological advances that smart phones have today, it is time that we forget all the myths and legends that have emerged in relation to the care of these widely used devices. You just have to be aware of the advice that we have indicated in this post to properly treat your mobile phone.


For proper use and proper care of your smartphone, you should also carefully read the user manual of the equipment provided by the manufacturer.