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Free Video Background Remover

This article is for you if you are an influencer, video editor, self-educated, student of films, etc. And maybe you want to practice, to know tools for your students, know better tools, or maybe you do not want to pay any penny.     


In other installments, we talk about Image Background Remover. It is time now for the Video Background Remover.  I’m going to describe to you some Free apps or websites for Video Background Remover. This description will show how easy it is, if it has some other plans if it can be used on other devices, how many languages it has, etc. So here I start.



This website offers you to remove the background by formats such as .mp4, .webm, .ogg, .ogv, .mov, .gif,  file, URL or paste the video. As well, it has 6 ways to use it, custom, hobby, studio, artist, maker, and creator. 


 Also, it is 100% automatic, meaning you only need to upload the video and the tool makes the rest. For the free plan (registered users), you can have unlimited clips per day, upload to Unscreen Pro for a free preview, and up to 10 seconds per clip.


Unscreen exclusively uses English as a language and  has 2 different option plans:




This webpage offers you 3 simple steps to remove the background, create, search or upload, and download the video. In addition, it has many tools. These are some video editors, add subtitles to video, screen recorder, auto subtitles, GIF Looper, music visualizer, etc. It has 2 options monthly and yearly, each one suggests 3 plans.









This app is also available for Image Background Remover. On top of that offers you 3 steps to remove the background, by file, URL, or page of the image. Also, it has 8 ways to use it, for photographers, individuals, companies, objects, marketing, developers, e-commerce, media, and car dealerships. 


Removing count with 7 languages and 3 different option plans:




This page is available on Android and IOS. More than that counts with 7 languages. The formats accepted are .mp4, .mov, .ts, .avi,  .mkv, .webm, .mpg, .jpg, and .png.   


On the other hand, it is simple to follow, with just 3 steps. Has it 5 ways to use it: start, creator pro, developer, and enterprise


Count with a payment plan and 2 for free. 




KAPWING is only available on the internet and in English. The format is acceptable but is not as neat as the other ones.


Additionally, it has many tools: video editor, meme generator, trim video, subtitles, view all, brilliant cut, text to speech, screen recorder, and remove background, among other tools. 


Count with  monthly and yearly plans, each one with 3 options 








Now, with the information I give you, it is your time to choose the best option for you. Enjoy it and see you at another opportunity.