Galaxy S10’s Android 10 and One UI 2 Update is Here! (Refreshed: Opened!)

January 4, 2020 Off By obaidrock

Samsung is conveying an early occasion blessing to proprietors of the Galaxy S10 in the US. Reports of the Android 10 and One UI 2 update appearing on S10 gadgets have surfaced toward the beginning of today.

Right now, the update doesn’t give off an impression of being broadly turning out to all US shows of the Galaxy S10. Rather, in any event one of our perusers (another) with a T-Mobile Galaxy S10e is getting the update, just like another couple of with T-Mobile S10 gadgets over at reddit and the Samsung Community.

We aren’t seeing anybody yet with the report on AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint. There are some in Canada accepting the update, however, so this is a more extensive rollout than just T-Mobile in North America.

  • UPDATE: At least one of our perusers on Xfinity Mobile has gotten the steady Android 10 update!
  • UPDATE 2: It’s authentic! T-Mobile simply posted changelogs for the update over its S10 line. The fabricates you’ll see are as per the following – Galaxy S10 (G973USQU2CSKP), Galaxy S10+ (G975USQU2CSKP), and Galaxy S10e (G970USQU2CSKP).
  • UPDATE 3: We have a peruser in the remarks with the report on Sprint!
  • UPDATE 4: Verizon S10 units getting the update now as well!
  • UPDATE 12/20: Verizon’s Galaxy S10+ 5G got the update today as construct G977UVRU3BSL2.
  • UPDATE 12/23: The US opened models are currently accepting the update!

System S10 Stable Android 10 Xfinity

The assembles showing up are G973USQU2CSKP, G973UOYN2CSKP, and G973USQU2CSKP. The update tips the scales at practically 2.4GB.

On the off chance that we do see Samsung and its bearer accomplices start pushing stable Android 10 throughout the following couple of weeks, this would be the soonest we have seen Samsung get a major update out. We saw significant improvement recently with the arrival of Android 9 to the Galaxy S9 and  Note 9 lines, yet this is one more month before that calendar. We’re still in 2019! How about we trust Samsung can bring it home.