Here’s How you can Capture Video Clips from YouTube

Here’s How you can Capture Video Clips from YouTube

YouTube is an incredible source of entertainment in the form of videos. The video streaming platform amasses a staggering 2 billion users each month, with 500 hours of content uploaded every minute worldwide. Since you clicked on this article, you probably go on YouTube quite often to watch videos you’re interested in.

But what if you wanted to have your favorite videos at hand, without needing to visit the website anytime you want to watch something? Simple, you download the video, and that’s it. Although this seems like the best idea, we have to consider a downside of it. Maybe you only want to extract a very short clip from a very long video, so it would be a waste of time to download the whole video, only to edit out 90% of it and keep the remaining 10%. But, on the other hand, it’s also a pain having to go on YouTube everytime, click on the video, find the timestamp you’re looking for, and finally play the video from there. What if the video gets deleted or blocked? That would be the worst.

So, we want to tell you about a simple hack you can use both to “extract” the single part of the video you want to keep, and also to record the entire video. This method consists in utilizing a screen recorder app. The name says it all: a screen recorder software helps you record your computer, tablet or smartphone screen. This means that everything that is displayed on your device screen will be recorded.

Screen recording tools are usually free and easy to use. If you want to look into some of them, we suggest OBS Studio, Screen Recorder & Video Recorder – XRecorder, or also Google Chrome extensions like Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder.

Although OBS Studio is regarded as the best choice, it might be tricky to use for people unfamiliar with this type of application, so we’ll stick to a less complicated alternative: Screen Recorder & Video Recorder – XRecorder, the first app we mentioned.

NOTE: XRecorder is a phone app for Android.

How to use the Screen Recorder to record a clip from YouTube

  • First, download the XRecorder app from the Play Store



  • open the app
  • you’ll find the settings pertaining to the video recording: Resolution, Quality, FPS, etc



  • set these features the way you prefer
  • you can choose the “Countdown before start”, meaning the amount of seconds it will take before the screen recording starts



  • the app has a notification panel that you can check at any time to start or stop recordings



  • now, go on YouTube
  • search for the video you want to record the clip from
  • you might want to set the video screen to full size
  • play the video and go to the timestamp you need
  • from the notification panel, tap the button to start recording



  • then, stop recording when you’re done capturing the clip from the video.
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