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How do you change your Facebook Page’s name

Need to change your Facebook Page name? Fortunately, most FB Pages can.

This is superior to a couple of years prior, when the appropriate response was never, any chance, not under any condition.

Presently it’s very simple to change your FB Page name. However, – Facebook should endorse your name change!

Changing your Page name is a major ordeal – it should be done well – you will most likely be unable to transform it again – or possibly for some time. If it’s not too much trouble, read this whole page cautiously!

Instructions to Change Your Facebook Page Name 2021

Page names can exclude:

Page names can’t comprise just of:

The most effective method to change your Facebook Page name for a business

Alert: Be SURE the name you demand is the one you need. This can’t be fixed.

Check your spelling once more. When you click Request Change, your solicitation will go to Facebook for endorsement.

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