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How do you make a good Reel for Instagram

Instagram Reels

Recently, Instagram has added Reels as a new feature for their millions of users, and is designed to create and share short videos among the community that is part of this popular social network.

After the success that Instagram has achieved with their Stories and Instagram TV, they developed this other tool, with which you can creatively record and edit 15-second videos and clips with music in the background and various fun visual effects. The short video format has become the main tool for promoting products and services, which will only be able to see your followers if your account is private, and if your account is public instead, the entire community will have access to see your post in the section to explore.

Until now, there are many celebrities, bloggers, instagramers and Youtubers, whom already make use of this functionality to advertise products, services or a brand in this fun and different way to get to users, without boring them with so much information, since these are very short and entertaining clips. It can also be used for educational purposes by publishing tutorials and interviews that can be useful for a target audience.

So, if you are one of those people who wants to try this feature and be part of this trend, here we’ll tell you how you can create your own short video, and also give you some tips to make a good Instagram Reel.

Let’s create a Reel for Instagram

Finding the Reel option in the App is easy because is tied in the Story Menu and the creating process of these two features is very similar. Although Reels have a few different tools and it is possible to reuse the audio of an existing Reel to create a new video. So, in order to make a good Instagram Reel, we’ll tell you step by step how to do it with some tips included:

Go to Reels mode

In the Instagram home screen tap on the camera icon of the app, or swipe to the right to open the Story screen. Tap on Reels beside Story to star recording your short video.

Add the music

Instagram Reels offers an audio tool to give a unique touch to your video. Tap on the music icon placed on the left side of your screen. You can use the suggestions displayed or search for a specific song using the browser engine. Before choosing a song, you can listen to a preview by pressing the play button.

After choosing the song you want for your video, crop the part you want to use into the reel and tap Done.

Adjust Recording Speed

If you want you can make your video faster or slower than normal, choosing between 5 different speed, two of them for slow motion (.3x or .5x), two others for speeding up (2x or 3x), and normal speed (1x). To do so, tap on the second button of tools from the Reels screen.

Add effects

You can choose from dozens of effects or filters to use in your video. Tap on the effect’s icon button, the third in the tools menu and scroll through a list.

Set a timer for your video

This tool has two sliders, one to start recording the video, and the second one to set when the video will stop recording. You can create up to 15 seconds of video, but also adjust for a 5 or 10 second video.

Add timer before starting the video

You can set a 3 seconds timer to capture the video if you are making groups Reels, so you will be able to capture a moment at the right time.

Align images in the captured video

This option allows to straight things out if the video is blurred or shaky. To use this option, tap the fifth button in the Reels bar after you take the video.

Preview your Reel

After taking the video you can replay it before sharing, and see whether you like your final result. Just tap on the back arrow to preview the reel.

Save your Reels

You can save your Instagram Reel on your device tapping on the forward arrow at the bottom of your screen, and then at the upper right corner tap on the Save button.

Add stickers and texts

Spice up your videos adding stickers, emojis and text before sharing your Reels.

Use audio from other Reels

If you find a song or audio that you would like to use in your video, tap the music and select Use Audio. But after you set the chosen audio, you can’t change it.

Record and Share the result

Now that everything is set, just start to make your video. Tap on the recording button, at the upper side of your screen you will see a bar indicating how many times you have record, and how many is left. Finally share your Reel with your Instagram community and get all those wished views and likes.

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