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How to clear WhatsApp without deleting conversations

On Whatsapp assuming you clear talk, everything gets cleared and at some point you need to do it to save telephone memory. However, some of the time you additionally need to keep a few unique visits yet clear other. On account of new update on Whatsapp, its conceivable at this point. On the off chance that you don’t have a refreshed Whatsapp, go to playstore and update. The method involved with clearing visit yet keeping extraordinary ones is referenced beneath:

  1. Go to the visit you need to keep
  2. Contact and hang on the visit
  3. Continue to contact as numerous as you need on that particular gathering or individual talk
  4. On the top you ought to see a featured sign, address that
  5. If you have any desire to clear visit for your whole whatsapp, follow similar interaction for all gatherings and individual talks. To clear visit just for this gathering/individual you are finished.
  6. Presently there are two different ways of clearing visits depending you need to clear your whole whatsapp or only for a few explicit gatherings or individual talks.
  7. For whole whatsapp leeway
  8. Go to settings>Chats>Chat History>Clear all talks
  9. Check Keep featured messages and clear
  10. For explicit gatherings, individual visits
  11. Go to that particular visit
  12. Presently address that 3 vertical spots on the upper right corner
  13. Address more
  14. Clear Chat
  15. Check Keep featured messages and clear
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