How to configure the emergency and SOS functions on our mobile

How to configure the emergency and SOS functions on our mobile

January 10, 2020 Off By Carolcfr

Many times we leave aside our safety or rather, the preventive measures that we can take in order to avoid possible accidents, or in order to request support in emergencies. In fact, many times we think about security only when we are immersed in a pressing or insecure situation.


In addition to allowing us to keep in touch with the world, cell phones provide us with functions that could make a difference in an emergency situation. Do you know what functions we talk about?


From the beginning, mobile devices have security methods to protect us against various problems and situations, but few users take advantage of this, since the configuration is not mandatory and in some cases can be complicated and confusing.


With the intention of making it simple for all users, we will proceed to explain how to configure our emergency methods for mobile. These tools can be very useful in cases of vital importance, such as an accident, attempted kidnapping, theft or other pleasant situations.


Steps to follow to be protected


First of all we must go to the device settings, looking for security options as the first section, inside we will have some option called Emergency SOS, emergency rescue or something like that. Because each brand changes, we can choose to type it directly in the search bar of the settings, which will make it easier for us to find it.


Once within our actions, we can find different methods to protect ourselves, although among the most common is the emergency call, which consists of adding a contact from our list that will be called automatically if we press the unlock button 5 times.


Only with this trick we have already taken an important step to protect ourselves, in case we can not get out of the situation in any other way. We can also configure the emergency message, to alert any of our contacts with another alternative method.


More mobile security options


Depending on our personalization layer we will be able to establish some additions, such as relevant information about the blood group or allergies, something that will be displayed on the lock screen of our mobile. Other options include sending a message with our exact location, a very useful tool.


emergency functions on our mobile


If we continue browsing through the security settings, we find an option that is increasingly present in more mobiles, to send an image of the environment next to this message, making it easier to locate them knowing our situation, this image is performed automatically with mobile cameras or if we prefer, we can also add a short recording of 5 seconds, to make the search task even easier.


Safety is paramount and we cannot stop using these useful tools that manufacturers offer us. You never know when we’re going to need them and setting them up should be a must when we change phones.


Do not think about it, your security is in your hands and your cell phone offers you the possibility to configure preventive measures for your benefit, use them!