How to create a work environment at home

How to create a work environment at home

April 10, 2020 Off By carolc

Having a work-at-home environment is very beneficial. Whether you work 100% from home or do it occasionally, you should always do it in a suitable area.


Usually, having a home office gives you the comfort and appropriate space so that you can carry out your tasks effectively and efficiently. If you are an entrepreneur or freelance worker, working at home makes things much easier for you.


In this post we will be indicating some tips that you can follow to create an ideal home workspace.


Select the perfect location


Validate the advantages and disadvantages of the different spaces you have available for your home office. Although this depends greatly on the dimensions of your house, the ideal would be that you have a medium room that is exclusively for the use of your work.


Spaces with excessive decoration or beds are not recommended. On the other hand, if possible, opt for a bright space. Natural light will help you work better, it is beneficial for your visual health, and it will also help you save energy.


Create a pleasant workspace


If you plan to spend many hours working in your new office, it is essential that you create a pleasant area to help you focus.


Additionally, if you have a large wall in the selected space, you can use it to your advantage. A spacious wall is the perfect place to put a blackboard or cork board, where you can plot work strategies, organize your activities, draw diagrams, write down ideas, etc. This will also help you take a few minutes to get up from your chair and stretch your body.


Try to have good lighting


Adequate lighting in a workspace is very important. This will prevent you from straining your eyes. If your work environment at home has natural lighting, you should complete this with a lamp that provides the appropriate lighting for your desk.


In case your desk is small, you can choose a wall, ceiling or floor lamp. Any of these options should be installed in such a way that it always radiates light onto your workspace, and that you can work without any problems at night.


Print your own details to your workplace


Since you will surely spend eight hours or more in your home office, it is important that you feel comfortable in this space. And for this it is essential that this corner is personal and reflects your tastes, which will boost your creativity and productivity.


Therefore you must select colors that are of your inspiration, decorative elements that you like such as photographs or some appropriate memory.


You can also opt for details with a special Zen touch that transmit quietness, peace and calm.


Select the colors well


The colors for the walls of your home workspace should be the most appropriate and beneficial for you.


If you want to obtain maximum concentration, you should choose light colors and of course to your liking. From white to different nuances of wood, they are ideal for working better.


On the other hand, and depending on the nature of your work, it may be useful to know that green and blue are the most recommended for creative tasks. For activities where details are vital, the recommended color is red.


Keep everything in order


Order is essential in all workspaces, especially if you require concentration to carry out your work.


Leave on your desk only the things that you really need constantly, and use objects that allow you to sort, classify and save everything. You can make use of tables with drawers or drawers, shelves, filing cabinets and whatever you need to keep your desk clear.


Another option that you can use is magnetic boards. These are very good to place notes, notes and other things in an orderly and in one place.


Guarantee your comfort


If you are fortunate enough to have a full room to create your work space at home, you can make the most of it for your comfort.


You can take advantage of the space and install an armchair or armchair, or if you prefer a sofa. You can also create a reading corner, which would give you the space to rest a little from work, disconnecting completely.


For a little more comfort, and if your budget allows, you can purchase wireless work equipment. Having a PC or computer, printer, mouse and keyboard without wiring will be much more comfortable for you.


Incorporate a plant into your workspace


Plants are positive in any space, so putting one in your work environment is a good idea. Plants add a little color to the area, add a natural touch to the decor, and emit good energy.


In every space, plants bring life and joy. These green living beings have been scientifically proven to decrease stress in people who include them in their work environments.


Select the right furniture


One of the aspects that you should take care of the most when creating a work space at home is the furniture.


First of all, the table or desk must be adequately functional, and with dimensions appropriate to your work area. For its part, the chair should be comfortable and should allow you to reach the desk ergonomically.


In case your work environment is located in the living room or in your bedroom, you should choose furniture that matches the rest of the environment. You can also choose convertible furniture to hide them once your workday is over.


If your home office consists of a corner or corner, an “L” shaped table could be the best alternative. You can combine this desk with a chair with a wheel. Also remember to select a piece of furniture that allows you to organize your documents or work in general.



With a comfortable, adequate work environment and with all the necessary implements, you will be able to carry out all your tasks effectively. With these tips in mind, you can design an ideal home work environment for you.