How to do the best leg exercises at home

How to do the best leg exercises at home

June 1, 2020 Off By carolc

Even if you are at home, you can organize a series of very effective leg exercises. Make sure to make some space in your daily schedule. To start you can reserve five minutes, which you can increase day by day.


In this article, we will introduce you to the best leg exercises, which will help you gain muscle strength and keep your lower limbs in shape.


Keep in mind that if you have a lot of time without exercising, it is recommended that you start with few repetitions, between five and ten will be fine. Then you can increase the repetitions of your exercises, as your body adapts to the routine.


General Tips for Leg Exercises at Home


Before starting to put into practice the exercises that we will be describing, it is important that you take into account the following aspects:


  • The muscles that make up our legs are strong. So for an adequate training you will require load or intensity.
  • Functional exercises are very good. Performing functional leg exercises provide a good balance, considering that our legs operate on muscle chains.
  • Maintain a varied leg exercise routine. The more variable your exercise program, the greater the effect of training.
  • Remember to warm up your legs and your body before starting the exercises. Keep in mind that your leg muscles are powerful and can require a lot of fiber in a single contraction motion. Hence the importance of heating for about five minutes, to prevent the tissue from tearing.
  • Do neuromuscular work. Every muscle contracts due to stimulation of a nerve. Having a routine with stability, balance and varied exercises, optimizes the communication between the muscle and the nerve.
  • Know your physical capacity and act based on it. It is important that you do a set of exercises that are not too demanding for your body, and that you determine the number of repetitions appropriate to your physical level.
  • Finally, it is very convenient that you complement your leg exercises with a healthy and balanced diet.


Exercises for the glutes and quadriceps


In this section we will introduce you to three exercises that you can combine to exercise your glutes and quads. We will indicate them starting with the simplest.


Alternating strides


The starting position is to stand up keeping your legs together, your back straight and your hands on your waist. Bring one foot forward and slowly flex your leg as you lower your body. The flexed leg should form a ninety degree angle. Hold that position for a few seconds, and return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise with the other leg.


Keep in mind that by advancing one leg the other inevitably extends backwards, which you should take advantage of while going down. Since in this way you can extend said leg as well.


This is an ideal movement for toning your legs and thighs. If you want to apply a higher level, you can alternate the step forward with the contraction of the leg, by raising it and bringing it as close as possible to your chest.




Start standing with your legs apart so that your feet are parallel to your shoulders. Keep your eyes straight ahead and flexing your legs begins to descend, with your glutes pointing to the ground. Make sure you don’t take your feet off the floor.


During the lowering motion, your back should remain straight, and both your hips and knees should be flexed. Your knees must not protrude from the toes of your feet at any time, and the bent legs must draw a ninety degree angle. Stay in that position for a few seconds, and gradually ascend until you return to the starting position. Remember that the weight should be on the heels and not on the toes.




This is a very complete exercise that involves a large number of muscles, especially the quadriceps and glutes.


The movement begins from the squatting position with the hands resting on the ground. Then you must stretch your legs back, return them to the starting position, and to finish you must stand up with a vertical jump.


Exercise for the femoral biceps and glutes


To exercise the glutes and hamstrings in a combined way, we present you the best movement.




This exercise begins with your body lying on your back, arms stretched out to the sides of your body, and your knees bent so that the soles of your feet are completely touching the ground.


Once you take the starting position, contract your abdomen and glutes, and proceed to elevate your pelvis until your body draws a straight line between your knees and your neck. Slowly return to the starting position and repeat.


Note: be careful not to wear bows or accessories in your hair that make your neck uncomfortable while doing this exercise.


Twins routine


To strengthen the twins you can also perform extremely easy and effective exercises.




To start, stand with your legs apart. Your feet should be just below your shoulders, and your knees should be slightly flexed. To continue, stand on tiptoe, hold that position for a few seconds and return to the start position.


To increase the intensity of the exercise, you can stand on a step, stand on your toes, and lower slowly so that your heels are below the level of the step. With this modality, the movement and contraction of the twins will be greater.


Foot stretch


Lie on your back and position your legs on a chair or table. The idea is that they are higher than your body, but that you can move your feet without any problem.


The exercise consists of stretching the feet forward, the fingers should point to the opposite end of your body. Then make the same movement in the opposite direction, now your toes should be pointing towards your head (or close to it).



Practice these leg exercises, and keep your lower limbs well defined and strong.