How to Download a YouTube Playlist as a Zip File

How to Download a YouTube Playlist as a Zip File

Listening to our favourite music through playlists is one of the great advantages offered by platforms like YouTube, as we can organise them easily and according to the mood or activity we are going to develop; however, sometimes we prefer to have this playlist on each of our devices, even if it takes up too much space on them; therefore, today we will see how to download a YouTube playlist as a zip file.

Now, to download your YouTube playlist, let’s take a look at some tools that allow you to do so and of course, they offer it with Zip file.

It is a website that doesn’t require you to download and install any application on your devices, as this platform offers what you need to download full YouTube playlists.

To download your songs, the first thing you must do is access the YouTube playlist you want to download and then copy the address that appears in the browser, once this is done, open a new tab with the address of Once there, you will see a URL field where you will paste the address copied from YouTube, then select the MP3 file format and which track to which track you want to download and finally, select Download.

Now, this will take a while and when it is ready, you must click on the Download button with a down arrow, where you will be shown a dialogue box to download it to the directory of your choice. On the other hand, this file is already downloaded as a Zip file and you can unzip it by just double clicking on it, that’s all.


This is also a website like the previous one, so you have to do the same steps as above, but on this platform; on the other hand, Ddownr downloads by default the playlist videos as MP3 music files, but you can select the one that best suits your needs and the desired resolution. Finally, this site will also download your playlist as a compressed Zip file and then you just have to double click to extract them, very simple.

These platforms are very helpful, as the files they download show all songs in MP3 format separately, as well as a single download with your entire playlist together in a single compressed Zip file.

These are just some of the platforms that allow you to easily download your playlist and best of all in the form of a Zip file, so do not hesitate to have these tools at hand to listen to your favourite songs from your devices and whenever you want, so have fun with your playlist!

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