How to exercise at home. The best exercises

How to exercise at home. The best exercises

April 23, 2020 Off By carolc

If you want to stay in shape, you just need to take note of the following exercises, make space in your home and spend a little time cultivating and keeping your body in excellent condition.


Here are the best exercises to keep fit without leaving home.




The ideal exercise to work arms, shoulders and back. If this is your first time executing this exercise, you should start with a few repetitions and increase them little by little.


To start with a low level of push-ups, you can do it by leaning your hands on the wall, moving your feet away from it and pushing your body with your arms to level it so that it is parallel to the wall.


If you want to increase the level of difficulty, you can rest your hands on the edge of the bed, move your extended legs away from it, and do your push-ups.

You can start with two or three sets of five push-ups.




This exercise increases the strength of your legs and helps you burn fat, since it involves various muscles in your body.


You can start with a series of five squats and increase the repetitions to fifty or one hundred. Take proper rest between sets.




Also known as lunges, scissors, or strides, the lugs are effective for the legs and buttocks.


It is one of the exercises that should not be missing in your routine, but that you must execute carefully to avoid injuries. You should keep your back straight, your forward leg should be at a 90-degree angle to the floor, and your knee should be aligned with your ankle. When lowering, the load on your body should be concentrated on the buttock and quadriceps.


You can start with two or three sets of ten repetitions for each leg.




To start you can start by doing the abdominals sitting in a chair and lifting your legs bent towards your abdomen. You can progressively advance the difficulty and position until you reach the appropriate resistance.


The abdominals are the exercises preferred by many, since they allow to obtain a flat and well defined abdomen.


Horizontal row


Ideal for working the muscles of your back and arms. You can practice the horizontal row with the help of an elastic strap.


Sit on the floor with your legs fully stretched, run the tape behind your feet and hold one end of it in each of your hands. Proceed to contract and stretch your arms back and forth by stretching the tape. You can start with sets of ten or fifteen repetitions.


Jump the rope


With the help of a simple jump rope you will be able to work all the muscles of the body, you will strengthen your bone structure, burn calories, and also develop your reflexes and your balance.


Start with light jumps, and repetitions of ten to fifteen jumps per series.




It is a simple but very effective exercise. By doing the semi bridge you can relieve pain in the lower back and relax your body.


Lie on your back on the floor, bend your knees and rest your feet on the floor. Then begin to slowly raise your buttocks until they are completely off the ground, hold them up for a few seconds, and then slowly lower.


You can start with three sets of fifteen repetitions.




If you are a yoga lover of exercises that give flexibility to your body, this is an excellent option. Yoga can also provide an ideal muscle definition.


You can start with a basic routine and add more demanding positions and position sequences as you go. A great idea is to follow videos or guides that you can find on the Internet.



Create a combined routine of these exercises and start enjoying a much healthier body, without much effort. Discipline and determination are the requirements you need.


Give yourself the time you deserve to take care of health!