How to make reading a habit

How to make reading a habit

April 27, 2020 Off By carolc

Reading is an enriching and also entertaining habit. A book or any text that offers us moments of recreation and learning is a valuable object that we can only enjoy through reading.


If you want to include in your life the magical experience that only reading can give you, here are some tips that you can apply.


Make a space in your agenda to read


Review your daily routine and if you can’t find space for reading, try to reduce the time you spend on other activities. You could, for example, reduce TV time a little or wake up a little earlier.


To start you can reserve 10 to 20 minutes to read.


Choose reading material that appeals to you


This is a good initiative to enter the world of reading. As you read, your likes and interests will expand.


It is not advisable that you opt for complex reading if you are starting. In case you have no idea what type of reading to select, you can orient yourself by your tastes in film or music. You will surely find something that is entertaining for you.


Keep reading material at your fingertips


Try to keep at your fingertips magazines, books, access to blogs, among others, with content that is pleasant and interesting. In this way, you can enjoy reading a bit every time you have some free time, or when you feel like reading.


A book at your fingertips is an unmatched entertainment and learning option.


Enjoy what you read or change it


If you start a book and it doesn’t catch you, it doesn’t captivate your attention and you get too bored, leave it and change it for a text that you really like and enjoy.


Take your time to determine if you like a book or not, sometimes the essence of a book begins to be seen in the second chapter, but remember that the decision is yours. Also, one of the most important things to create a reading habit is that you enjoy what you read.


Start little by little


If, as we mentioned before, you manage to make space in your 20-minute agenda for reading, that’s a good start. It is very common that once you get used to reading and enjoying what you read, you will want to invest more than 20 minutes.


It is very important that you keep in your mind that you are reading because you want it and because you enjoy it, not because it is a task that you have to do or an obligation.


On the other hand, you can also set daily goals: 10 pages or a chapter, whichever seems most convenient to you. The essential thing is that you keep your own rhythm.


Select a place to read


To keep reading in the classification of recreational activity and pleasure, it is extremely important that the site you choose is to your liking and is also comfortable.


Preferably, the site should be quiet so that you can fully focus on your reading.


Share your reading


A good way to maintain interest in reading is to share it with others. You can exchange ideas, opinions and content of what you have read with people who share your interest.


Remember that there are book clubs where you can participate. There are also forums where they can interact and share your experience.



Reading as a habit is one of the most beneficial activities for human beings. Not only does it provide us with pleasure, entertainment and fun, it also allows us to acquire new knowledge, expand our vocabulary, improve concentration, stimulate our imagination, train social skills, and better enjoy solitude if it applies. Create a good habit for your growth as a person, and start reading frequently.