How to prepare the best drinks to cool off in summer

How to prepare the best drinks to cool off in summer

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During the summer when the temperature rises a lot, it is very important that you maintain an adequate level of hydration. Proper hydration is essential to achieve a good state of health, and during high temperatures you should be a little more careful with the necessary intake of liquids.


Dehydrating can cause serious damage to your body, and can lead to serious or even fatal diseases or conditions.


According to experts, it is advisable to drink 10 glasses of liquid per day, which is equivalent to two liters per day. The most recommended is that this liquid has low salt content, natural fruit juices, soft drinks without sugar, tea, coffee, infusions, among others.


Benefits of refreshing drinks


The refreshing drinks that we will indicate you, in addition to hydrating your body, provide various benefits for your health, have a rich flavor and are easy to prepare.


According to the fruit, plant, herb, vegetable and other ingredients that you use to prepare your drink, you can obtain:


  • Nutritional contributions.
  • Antioxidant effect.
  • Relaxing effect.
  • Stimulating effect.
  • Purifying action of the body.
  • Control of your body temperature.
  • Protection of your brain.
  • Protection and care of your joints.


Drinks with fruits and vegetables




This is one of the most popular and refreshing drinks, which provides great benefits from both water and lemon.


To obtain this elixir you only have to squeeze the juice of four or five lemons and two limes. This is mixed with 750ml of water, sugar to your liking, ice if you wish, and a few small pieces of fruit skin.


To make your drink even more attractive, you can decorate it with mint leaves.


Fruit or vegetable flavored water


Another refreshing and nutritious option is to prepare water with fruits or vegetables, to obtain delicious flavored water.

You can use oranges, grapefruit, lemon, strawberries, cherries, raspberries, blueberries, grapes, plums, peaches, kiwis, cucumbers, carrots, or celery.


To prepare the flavored water, you must cut the selected fruit or vegetable into thin strips, to allow the juice to mix with the water. You must let the mixture sit for twelve hours while it is refrigerated, and then you can enjoy the refreshing taste of your water.


You can also complement the drink with a herb that matches the selected fruit or vegetable. You could use basil, peppermint, sage, or coriander. To add an exotic touch, you can combine with some spices such as peppercorns, cinnamon, ginger or cardamom.


Of course, you can combine various fruits and vegetables if you wish.


Smoothies with seasonal fruits


These delicious and attractive drinks are an ideal option, if you prepare them with summer fruits such as melon or watermelon.


Select the fruit of your preference, cut it into pieces, mix with cold water or milk, a little ice, and mix everything in the mixer. That’s all you need to do to feast yourself on one of these healthy and refreshing drinks.


Tea or Coffee based drinks


One of the most commercial drinks used for the diversity of flavors it offers is cold tea. You can select between fruit, citrus, cinnamon, vanilla, and other spicy teas, which are indicated to prepare the cold and refreshing drink.


It is prepared in the traditional way as an infusion, and then you let it cool and add ice and some aromatic herb to your liking.


To enjoy the delicious taste of coffee and refresh yourself, you can prepare a coffee frappé.


Make the coffee as you usually do, let cool, place in a jug, add cold water and crushed ice, and shake well. It is ideal to refresh yourself in the morning or after lunch.


Refreshing and healthy teas


Another type of drink that you can drink to hydrate yourself this summer is infusions in a cold version.


Chamomile and mint infusion


This combination of infused herbs creates an excellent moisturizer and refreshing concoction.


You should only boil half a liter of water, add a small tablespoon of dried chamomile flowers, and another small tablespoon of mint. Then remove from the heat, cover the infusion and let it rest for ten minutes. You must strain it before drinking it.


Green tea and birch tea


Birch helps you flush toxins from the body, which benefits your overall health.

You should boil water, add twenty-five grams of green tea, and forty grams of birch. Let the infusion rest for a few minutes and then strain it. Let cool and then enjoy it whenever you want.


Jasmine tea


Jasmine produces a calming effect and also fights inflammation.


You should boil one hundred and fifty milliliters of water, then turn off the heat and add two tablespoons of jasmine flowers. Let the infusion rest for ten minutes, filter the drink, cool it down and enjoy it.


Infusion of pineapple stems


The stems of the pineapple produce a diuretic effect, ideal to complement your diet.


You should peel and wash the pineapple stems well, and boil them in a liter of water for about twenty minutes. Filter the drink, let it cool and drink throughout the day.


Infusion of coriander, cumin and fennel


These ingredients are very beneficial for your health. Coriander calms intestinal spasms and facilitates digestion. Cumin acts as a balsamic and is of great help for slow and heavy digestions. Fennel fights bloating and flatulence.


In a liter of boiling water add a tablespoon of fennel seeds, a tablespoon of coriander seeds, and a tablespoon of cumin seeds. Let the infusion rest for ten minutes, filter, cool, and drink half a cup before and after your meals.



With all these options you will be prepared to face the high temperatures of the summer, and to provide adequate hydration to your body, as well as other health benefits.