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How to Put an Image Behind Text in Google Docs

Google Docs is the cloud-based word handling framework presented by Google. Regardless of its numerous temperances, Docs has a disadvantage: it has a generally restricted include set. Not at all like Microsoft Word, which has a behemoth include list, Google Docs centres around doing a couple of essential things and doing them competently. For close to 100% of clients almost 100% of the time, this is above and beyond. Here and there we depend on workarounds to achieve our record objectives.

This article will show you every one of the known techniques to add a foundation photograph to your archive.

Step by step instructions to Add Text on Top of Images in Google Docs

To include text top of a picture in a Google report, follow these means:

In the event that for reasons unknown the strategy above isn’t working for you, there are no less than three different ways of adding a foundation picture to your Google Docs document. On the off chance that you have different ideas or approaches, definitely, share them with us in the remarks area toward the finish of this article!

Three Workarounds to Add Image Behind Text in Google Docs incorporates:

Choice 1: Use Microsoft Word to add Google Docs Background

Choice 2: Use Google Slides to add Google Docs Background

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