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How to Release Music on Spotify Without Record Label

One of the disruptive companies in the music industry has been Spotify, because with this platform you can take your favourite music everywhere you go and best of all, you have the option to listen to it for free. Now, if you are a person who is passionate about music and you have your own songs, it’s time for you to take the plunge and release your songs on this platform, yeah! that’s right, Spotify will let you upload your tracks… but wait, because we’ve got more… you don’t need to have a record label, cool right?. So today you’ll find out how to release music on Spotify without record label.

¿What is Spotify?

Spotify is an application that provides streaming music, videos and podcasts (published digital content), increasingly cutting out the intermediaries. On the other hand, you can use this application for free or access a Premium account (no ads or limits).

Now… How to release your songs

It’s important to mention before proceeding, that Spotify’s new feature is initially in an invitation-only beta phase for US residents, but don’t worry, it’s a fact that it will be extended to all other countries, but there are more options and you can find out more by consulting their guide.

Therefore, the first thing to do once you have your music ready, is to create an artist account on Spotify for artist (available in English only, with a web version and a Spotify for artist app on iOS and Android) completely free of charge.

When you have your account as an artist, create your release, where you must choose the format of your release, such as single or album, etc. Then, plan the release date, you can choose to release all of them or just a few to promote, whatever you prefer. At this step, it’s time to upload your audio and album artwork for your new release.

Once you have uploaded the files, you can customise the information and details, where you must add the names and surnames of the collaborators and members of the project, so that they can receive the royalties. You will also have the possibility to preview the release.

When you complete the above steps, your songs will be reviewed for approval. If there are no adjustments, that’s it! Your tracks will be streamed on Spotify on the date you have chosen.

Releasing your songs through this platform has its advantages, as it is a leader in the streaming market and therefore reaches all parts of the world promoting your music. On the other hand, you may wonder if apart from being listened to, you earn money, of course you do! you will also get revenue for each playback of your songs directly to your bank account set up in your artist profile and the most interestingly, at no extra costs.

Finally, you can manage your artist profile and track statistics showing playback and reach figures.

As an artist you have a chance to be heard and you already know how to release your songs without the need of intermediaries, so take advantage of this tool and don’t stop!

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