How to solve the most common electrical problems at home?

How to solve the most common electrical problems at home?

April 28, 2020 Off By carolc

You may be experiencing various electrical problems in your home, and this may be due to poor wiring inside your home. Wiring may be out of date and may not be efficient for supplying electricity to appliances, electronics, and lighting.


A common problem is that circuits installed during ancient times were not controlled to power different types of electronic or lighting equipment from this era.


The main problem may be hidden on the back of ceilings, on walls and on cover plates.


If you face high bills, flickering lights, and affected appliances in your home, you can be sure that the house circuit is not in good working order.


We detail some of the most common electrical wiring problems and their solutions.




It may be due to poor house wiring, lightning strikes, faulty appliances, or damaged power lines. Overvoltages are common and last a microsecond, but if they experience frequent surges, they can cause damage to the equipment and especially degrade their life expectancy.


Check the device that connects to the home network or wiring and tries to disconnect the low-quality panels or devices from the electrical outlet. If the surges don’t happen again, your problem is solved. If not, you should call a skilled electrician.




Sometimes your lighting fixture has a pump or other fixture with higher watts than supported by the fixture design. This is a violation of the code and the level of risk is quite high.


The high heat from the bulb can melt the socket and the insulation present in the fixture wires. This causes sparks from one cable to another and causes electrical fires. Also, after removing the bulb, the socket and cables still have problems.


It is always better to place a pump or any other accessory that suits this within the proper power. If the devices are not marked with power, it is recommended to use a 60 watt or even smaller pump.


Power drops


Falls are low, which usually occur when the electrical power source is faulty and electrical appliances are connected to it. It also happens when the grid is fabricad of low-quality materials. When this is the case, it consumes more power when turned on.


To validate this situation, call an electrical installation professional.


An uncovered junction box


The junction box has many cables connected to each other. If it is not covered, a person can receive an electric shock from a damaged cable. This is a code violation and the risk is minimized if the cables are out of reach. Therefore, it is best to cover the box with the appropriate screws.


Light switches not working


You can easily validate if there is a bad manufacturing or if the products are of inferior quality, when it comes to dimmer switches that do not work to adjust the lights correctly.


It can also be the fault of the wiring, the circuit or the socket. In these cases, you can consult an electrician to solve this problem.


Flashing light


You may have experimented with frayed wiring if it has been windy outside. This could cause a short circuit when the cables move.


It is not a code violation, but it does have a higher level of risk as it can suddenly start a fire.


In these types of situations, it is best to immediately call the electrician to replace all damaged wiring and any other equipment that has suffered faulty damage.


Fewer electrical outlets


Today, most homes have extension cords and power strips, and are highly dependent on them. If you don’t use heavy duty extension cords like 14 gauge or thicker, the risk will be minimal.


Therefore, it is advisable to install and use more plugs with the help of an electrician.


Electric shock


When electricity is not used correctly, electric shocks occur creating an unpleasant experience. The chances of tales electrical problems in old houses are quite high because the circuits were installed in ancient times.


An electric shock occurs when a device is turned on or off. The problem may be with the device or the wiring. To verify the problem, you can try another device. But to be more sure, just contact your electrician to solve this problem.


Without RCCB (residual current circuit breaker)


RCCB is also known as an Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB). This is used to disconnect the load from the main supply when the circuit has residual current. By using RCCB you can guarantee protection against direct and indirect contact, electric fire and protection of the ground connection against corrosion.


In case you have doubts regarding this point, the best thing to do is to ask for the help of a professional electrician.


Frequent burning of light bulbs


If your bulbs burn too often, check if your problem is one of these:


  • High power.
  • Insulation is close to light.
  • Bad wiring in circuit and network.
  • More power in a dimmer.


Overcircuited panel


It is a violation of the code to put tandem switches in one slot, instead of too many single pole switches. The difference between double pole switches and tandem switches is that the latter do not occupy two slots on a single circuit. The level of danger will be minimal.


This problem can be resolved by adding a subpanel with additional slots or by replacing the existing panel with a larger model.


High electricity bill


You can reduce the amount of your electricity bills by:


  • Repair damaged circuits or cables.
  • Unplug electronic devices when not in use.
  • Trust a profitable service provider.
  • Recognize overvoltage devices.


Aluminum wiring


This type of wiring has a high level of danger since aluminum was used as a cheap substitute for copper in earlier times and is no longer a safe option. This is because corrosion occurs when the aluminum is in contact with the copper and when the connections are loose it causes fires.


The solution to this problem is to adapt a dielectric wire nut for an aluminum to copper wire connection in the case of lamps. This helps stop corrosion due to grease on the nuts.




You should always beware of signs of electrical problems in the home, as they cause a very high risk. Not all problems are related and may also be due to human error. Occasionally, electronic devices break down or problems occur due to faulty wiring and increase when environmental conditions are poor.


In the face of any unforeseen event in the electrical field at home, the most it is recommended that you contact a trusted electrician.