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How to Spot a Tinder Scammer

tinder scammer

Tinder is an online dating platform that can be used to find your so-called-soul mate. It is a very successful dating website where people put themselves out there and interact with people behind a screen and later on, if things go well, they could meet up with their new love interests in person while imposing security measures.

Why is it important to keep yourself updated with tinder scams?

Tinder has become a very trusted and effective website to get people who want the same thing as you do in a relationship. Whether you want marriage or just someone to keep you company when you get lonely.

Because of its renowned success, it has become very prone to scammers and imposters. This is why as a tinder user, you have to be very careful when it comes to dealing with strangers on the internet as you look for love.

Why it is important to know how to spot a tinder scammer?

It is always important to know whether your newfound love interest is real or is just a catfish, scammer, or worse, someone with malicious intentions.

Here are the reasons as to why it is important to know whether the person you are talking to is a real person with the same intentions as you which is getting to know each other as you do:

  1. You may be talking to a catfish account who is pretending to be someone else and in the end, will break your heart once you find out they were an impostor.
  2. They may be dangerous and may want to kidnap you or manipulate you for various reasons.
  3. They may also want to take your account from you and impersonate you and may start to ask for some fishy details such as your password to various accounts including your Twitter account.

After understanding why it is important to identify whether you are talking to a scammer, here are some of the most obvious reasons how to identify a potential tinder scammer.

How to identify a tinder scammer?

There are a few ways to identify whether an account is a tinder scammer. One just has to be careful and on high alert, while looking for the characteristics below:

  1. The first thing that should alert you is a profile picture that seems a bit fishy. How do you notice this? It happens especially when either the picture looks extremely good to be true or you notice them using a picture of a celebrity. This should immediately alert you before you swipe right. This is said to be fishy behavior because, on tinder, one should put their actual photo to attract others who may find them attractive.
  2. The second thing is when the account only has one picture and that’s it. Seems a bit weird, doesn’t it? Especially in an application that requires photos to perform its job?
  3. The other thing is no biodata. Biodata is usually put there to validate that you are a real person. This means that an account that has no personal information at all, or some links to other social media accounts could be a potential tinder scammer.
  4. Once you start interacting; notice those accounts that either ask too many personal questions, unable to answer complex questions, or are avoidant of the questions. This is usually to target bots, especially those that have not been programmed to handle complex questions or human scammers who want to know about you to use that information or malicious intent.
  5. Last but not least, scammers’ will do anything to avoid meeting in person. Once someone either stands you up or blatantly refuses to meet in person, run. They will do everything possible to avoid meeting you in person because they know that you will find out their secret.

With the above knowledge, you are set to navigate the interesting world of tinder, carefully but with the hope of maybe meeting your one true love.

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