How to take care of your garden. Essential garden tools

How to take care of your garden. Essential garden tools

April 25, 2020 Off By carolc

Have you ever thought about the importance of garden tools for gardening work? Without tools, think about how much more you would have to work to achieve the same results as with tools.


Having the right garden tools will not only allow you to care for and maintain your garden properly, it will also allow you to carry out your gardening tasks in a prudent time, without much effort and with better results.


Acquiring your tools is an investment that you will appreciate over time, since the more you work in your garden, the greater and better results you will obtain, and this you will achieve thanks to the help of your tools.


You will be able to carry out the sowings and transplants in less time, with greater success, and you will be able to enjoy the green of your plants, their flowers and fruits in a short time.


Having the right garden tools


Having the right tools makes all the difference in maintaining a healthy and attractive garden. If you are a new gardener, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the variety of garden tools available. They all have their uses, but certain tools are more essential than others. If you are starting to venture into the beautiful art of gardening, it is recommended that you get to know and become familiar with the essential tools for yard work. This way you can work properly.




A shovel is one of the most essential gardening tools, as you use it to dig and move the soil when planting.


It usually has a flat, rectangular blade that allows you to dig precisely. The terms shovel and digger are often used interchangeably, but a shovel generally has a curved blade that works best for picking up dirt, not digging.


With a shovel, you can make holes to plant trees, shrubs, and large clusters of perennials, and skirt along a garden bed. It also works well for digging up plants you are transplanting.


A shovel is even useful for breaking roots, grass and weeds because its tip is usually pointed. Opt for a shovel with a polished metal surface so that soil and other materials slide easily.




A hoe is one of the garden tools used to dig and to remove the soil. But you should bear in mind that there are several types, so it is extremely important that you select the most suitable for the job you are going to do.


If you need to dig holes to plant or cut weeds, go for a wide hoe, which has a larger blade. To cut weeds, your best bet is a hoe that only cuts the top layers of the soil. In case you have to work in a small area of your garden, it is best to choose a Warren hoe. This features a smaller triangular blade that allows you to do precise work.


Digging fork


When you need to loosen the soil, a digging fork is a very useful garden tool.


It has four teeth that are flat and thick, so it works extremely best for breaking tightly compacted soil, compared to a shovel or hoe.


It even works well on existing beds because it won’t bring weed seeds or tip over the soil layers if you just take it to the bed and move it around. You can also use a digging fork to mix soil debris or remove a group of plants without taking out too much soil with them.




You probably have a traditional lawn rake that you use to remove fallen leaves, sticks, and other debris, but you may also want to have a rake as part of your garden tools.


This rake is used to smooth the floor on a new or existing bed and remove any group of debris. While rakes are also available in plastic or wood, a metal model is a better choice because it generally lasts longer and is more effective at smoothing and breaking up dirt.