How to teach a child to read

How to teach a child to read

April 26, 2020 Off By carolc

Teaching a child to read is a task that may seem titanic, but if you follow certain steps with a little patience, it will be a pleasant task and of course very productive.


Read to him frequently


This step is basic and it is recommended to start it from an early age of the child. In fact, if you can, start reading to him since he is a baby. Listening to yourself and seeing yourself read frequently will create an interest in reading.

Adapt the stories in the books as he grows up, and when he’s old enough, ask him questions about reading.


To make reading more entertaining and interesting, you can use interactive books with sounds, figures and images.


Put books at his fingertips


Books should always be within the child’s reach. Place them in his room or in his play area so that him begin to take them as part of his natural environment.


You must lead by example


Show your child that reading is really interesting. It is recommended that you read at least 20 minutes daily when the child can see you. In this way he will see you enjoying the reading and he will try to imitate what you do.


Expand reading options


You can create your own library with child-friendly options, or you can go to a library with the infant. This will open up a world of alternatives and expand his curiosity and interest in books.


Your child may ask you to read the same book over and over again, despite having other options, but this is normal. You just have to be patient.


Associate words with sound


You can start this association even before you start teaching him the alphabet. The idea is that you point the words in the lines of the book as you read them, in this way the child will be able to associate the image of the written word with the sound that you emit when pronouncing it.


This helps the child capture the pattern of words that appear on the page with the words spoken, with respect to their sound and length.


Teach him the alphabet

Once the child has developed word awareness, you can start separating the words into letters. Show him each letter with his name, in principle don’t worry about making him understand the sound of the letters.


It is recommended that you teach the alphabet starting with lowercase letters, since they are the ones that are used the most and the most relevant in learning to read.


Develops phonemic awareness in the child


This is one of the most important steps in the process of teaching reading. The child must learn to associate a spoken sound with a couple of letters or with a letter, that is what is known as phonemic awareness. There are 24 speech sounds built by the 27 letters of the alphabet, including long and short sounds, and specialized sounds.


When teaching you should focus on a single letter or sound at a time. You need to make sure the child understands each letter-sound combination, before moving on to the next one. For example, the letter “b” produces the sound “bee” and the beginning of the word “bear.” You can make the process more fun by creating games for the child to actively participate in.


Rhymes as a complement


Rhymes are an excellent tool for children to create phonemic awareness, and also help them recognize the most basic letters and words in English. Read nursery rhymes to him, and then create easy-to-read rhyming lists to help reinforce what your child has learned. This will help him see the sound patterns generated by the combination of certain letters.



Teaching a child to read is one of the most crucial tasks in the formation of every individual. Reading is a powerful tool that helps to forge the comprehensive education and training of any person. Teaching a child to read is creating a future.