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How to use Amazon Locker for delivery

Amazon Lockers offer a protected spot to hold things when you don’t need conveyed bundles left unattended at your home or office. You pick the storage area during the checkout cycle. Once in a storage, Amazon sends an email with more data about the storage, including the times you can get to it and the code you’ll have to open it.

Amazon Lockers versus Amazon Hubs

Amazon Lockers settle issues around unattended things by giving a protected spot to conveyance. Before Amazon Locker, things could be taken, harmed by the climate, or opened by some unacceptable relative.

There are three distinct kinds of Amazon Hub Lockers:

Find and Set up an Amazon Locker or Hub

To have a future conveyance shipped off Amazon Locker or a center point at your apartment building, find a Prime drop area close to you and add it to your rundown of conveyance addresses. However, the area you pick doesn’t be guaranteed to must be close to your home. It very well may be near where you work or some other spot you regular. You can add numerous storage areas, so consider making a couple of now.

To find Amazon Locker and Hub areas and add them to your location book:

Use Amazon Locker and Amazon Hub

To have a bundle conveyed to an Amazon Locker or an Amazon Hub, you should initially put in a request. When you have a thing in your truck.