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How to use kMeet video conferencing

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From overseeing remote groups to shutting agreements abroad, video conferencing has turned into a basic requirement for organizations of all sizes and capacities. This implies that effective firms and organizations should give their clients and representatives an appropriate answer for excellent video conferencing, which is the zenith of remote work and interchanges.

This is kMeet, the free and secure videoconferencing answer for sorting out your gatherings on the web. Likewise accessible on your portable with a free application, kMeet offers a protection amicable option in contrast to American arrangements. This assistance joins kDrive and to improve Infomaniak’s scope of cooperative work stages that safeguard your information protection.

Beginning an internet meeting

kMeet: the safe stage for your internet-based gatherings
We accept that your gatherings are solely for yourself as well as your members. kMeet safeguards your information and your conversations so they remain as such.

Your video gatherings with kMeet are private

The conversations are communicated solely by means of our servers in Switzerland to safeguard the classification of your information. You likewise have the choice of secret key safeguarding your gatherings.

No compelling reason to unveil the email locations of your members

Infomaniak Meet keeps members from being recorded and broken down by tech monsters. Your visitors join video meetings without giving their email addresses. All they need to do to join a gathering is click on your connection.

Pick a gathering space you can trust

No one should be a specialist when there are straightforward and straightforward arrangements. Infomaniak Meet runs without the need to enlist, without restrictive programming and without examining your information.

kMeet is free and limitless

Sort out a multi-party video gathering with however many members as you need. Converse with your clients, your partners, your understudies or your family however long you need.

Intended for far off coordinated effort

kMeet is the free arrangement that unmistakably fit cooperation, giving a web-based course, holding a virtual class or doing a meeting for a task.

kMeet offers:

Free portable application for iOS and Android

At the point when you introduce the free kMeet application, you can without much of a stretch make or join online gatherings utilizing your gadget’s camera. No arrangement is required.
Download kMeet for Android or iOS (accessible on April 6).

kMeet is viable with Firefox and Chrome

kMeet works straightforwardly in a program on workstations. No more hold-ups trusting that members will “sign-in”, introduce and run their application. All they need to do to join your gathering is click on the connection you sent them.

Make a web-based gathering

We work with admittance to applications for teleworking in the midst of an emergency
During this time of the Covid-19 wellbeing emergency, Infomaniak needs to permit everybody to utilize secure administrations that regard protection. kDrive, our cooperative cloud administration, is free for a very long time. We are expanding the limit of SwissTransfer and supporting web-based drives.

kDrive: work and access your information from anyplace

An exceptionally open answer for storing every one of your records in kDrive and working together on archives from any place.

Find kDrive with 90 days for nothing

Find SwissTransfer

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