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Mozilla’s email software Thunderbird is finally getting a mobile app

Mozilla Thunderbird 52 is a free, unlocked, and secure email application and talk client that incorporates an RSS channel peruser and newsgroups choice. It permits you to deal with different email accounts from one area with cutting edge separating highlights.

This article covers Mozilla Thunderbird 52. A few new adaptations of Thunderbird have shown up since its distribution. A few elements might be as portrayed, while others have changed, advanced, or been eliminated.

Thunderbird 52 Features

Mozilla Thunderbird 52 brings security, speed, and new tech. Highlights include:

Tweak Your Thunderbird Experience

Thunderbird permits you to redo your email insight in more ways than one:

Security Features

This is the way Thunderbird guards your email:

Framework Requirements

Thunderbird 52 is viable with the accompanying working frameworks:

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