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Ms. Marvel on Disney+: Why you Should Watch it

Ms. Marvel is the latest Disney+ miniseries, a new fun Marvel adventure following the life of a young heroine, Kamala Khan, who embarks on a journey of discovery related to her newly-acquired superpowers.

In this article, we’re going to explore the show a little bit to find out why you should watch Ms. Marvel on Disney+!

An overview of Ms. Marvel

The 6-episode series started on June 8th, 2022, and ended on July 13th.

Ms. Marvel is a teen drama with a superhero twist that can be enjoyed by the whole family. The charming and relatable nerdy lead Kamala is a 16-year-old Muslim girl of Pakistani descent attending high school in New Jersey. An aspiring artist and avid gamer, Kamala is a huge fan of the Avengers, to the point of writing fan fiction about them.

But her biggest inspiration is Captain Marvel, and in the first episode we see the teenager preparing to attend the AvengerCon while cosplaying as her favorite hero.

However, Kamala’s ultra-traditionalist family is decidedly against said idea. The girl’s strict parents Muneeba and Yusuf refuse to let their daughter participate to the event, especially her mother Muneeba, who sees such conventions as manifestations of depravity.

Even so, Kamala manages to sneak out and attend AvengerCon with her best friend Bruno anyway. She brings along the golden bangle that once belonged to her grandma Sana, and wears it as part of her cosplay.

But the bangle hides a secret: it’s a magical item capable of generating hard light constructs derived from cosmic energy.

Thus, the show is centered around Kamala’s struggles to live her life as an American teenage girl while trying to honor her religion and culture. Not to mention the shenanigans and crazy situations caused by her cosmic superpowers, which will lead her to explore her family’s and her country of origin’s past.

Why Ms. Marvel is worth watching

Ms. Marvel is an important piece of media for the representation of an ethnic minority — that being Muslim Pakistani — in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The MCU has in fact shown interest in bringing to life in film or show form Marvel comic series centered around minorities, such as Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings of last Summer, which explored Chinese culture.

About Ms. Marvel, the brilliant performance of Iman Vellani as the super protagonist, as well as the acting of the supporting cast, will get you invested in the show in no time.

The Khan family is wholesome, united and loving. Underneath Muneeba’s strictness there’s an underlying apprehension concerning her daughter’s safety and well-being that especially shows what a caring parent she is.

The political subject of the partition of India with the consequent birth of Pakistan is also addressed, which is a pretty remarkable and brave move on the series’ creator’s part Bisha K. Ali.

Lastly, the revelation in the series finale could be hinting at a possible future involvement of the X-Men. So, keeping an eye on the show could lead to some exciting developments!


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