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New Xbox Games Coming Soon

New Xbox Games Coming Soon

Xbox Game Pass gives a huge list of new games. So that you do not miss anything at all, we bring you all the titles that will arrive in March 2023. Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service in which Xbox and PC gamers receive hundreds of free titles for a monthly fee.

These titles can be enjoyed on your Xbox, PC, or mobile and range from open-world adventure games to exciting MMOs. Also, new titles are added every month, although that means certain games are leaving to make room for the new additions. In other words, everything we understand about Xbox Game Pass for March 2023.

Additions to Game Pass in March 2023

This is followed by each of the new Game Pass additions for January and February 2023. As new titles are announced, they will be added in bold.

Games coming out of Xbox Game Pass

The service rotates the games in its library, so there will be games that will no longer be accessible. However, don’t worry as the service continually notifies us two days in advance. There we will be able to decide whether to finish the game or buy it with a discount before it leaves the bookstore. We will update this article with any new Xbox Game Pass announcements

Microsoft begins the use of the Xbox Game Pass family project in certain territories

Microsoft has started testing a new Xbox Game Pass family project after several teasers. This advance is only available for certain territories for the time being as the company remains operational in the course of the project.

A new Xbox Game Pass family project has just become available in Colombia and Ireland. Xbox users in those territories will be able to try the new project as part of the first tests of the long-awaited functionality. The project will allow up to 4 more users to be added to the same subscription. With the exclusive condition that all users are in the same territory.

One of the causes of the Microsoft technical program, Tyler Mittleider, has published a post on the official Xbox news website in which he explains how it will harm Game Pass users.

“This makes it even easier to play the best Game Pass games with friends and family across console, computer, and the cloud, because it lets you add up to 4 people to your subscription, each with your exclusive entry to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate games, content, and benefits.”

Mittleider explains how testers in Colombia or Ireland can sign up for the Xbox Insider Preview. Those who qualify and are willing to do so simply have to go to the Microsoft Store and sign up for the project. This will automatically change your current Game Pass project to the new family project that will be, “based on the monetary cost of the old membership.”

As an example, those who have a month of Ultimate will have their project converted into 18 days of the new family pass project. Once registered, go to the Microsoft posting page. Here you will have the possibility to increase up to 4 more users to joint posting. Adding new users can be done by sending an email invitation or by requesting links to be generated that can then be shared with friends and family.

However, Mittleider notes in the post that there have been issues with the conversion from typical Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions to the new Family Pass subscription. The preliminary version of this new family project is currently available for 21.99 euros per month. It is not known when this project will be available in other pieces around the world.

Xbox Game Pass reaches 15 million subscribers

The revelation of a new record number of Xbox Game Pass subscribers was hidden in Microsoft’s official press release. Release that disclosed the purchase of Bethesda‘s parent company, ZeniMax. Game Pass, on PC and Xbox, has now surpassed 15 million subscribers. That is more than April’s 10 million, a monumental increase of 50 percent.

The news was expected. Without a doubt, Xbox Game Pass has been the best game exchange in a while. This is again thanks to Microsoft making it increasingly difficult for casual gamers to resist investing in content. Especially in new game releases, convincing EA to get on board, and even adding cloud streaming at no extra cost.

The last elections boosted the number of subscribers to the Xbox Game Pass

However, we also do not have the option to ignore how much Microsoft has been promoting the service in recent months. New users can still access an introductory fee of only $1 per month to test the service. Once Game Pass switched to PC, Microsoft offered PC users intrigued by the service a discounted monthly subscription of $5. An offer currently unavailable now that Game Pass for PC is out of business.

Combining PC and Xbox services and Live Gold, Game Pass Ultimate is still a huge deal. At only 5 euros more than a standard subscription to a platform-exclusive Game Pass. Bringing Bethesda’s extensive library to Game Pass will no doubt help expand the audience even further. This is especially so now that we know that future games from several Bethesda studios will be accessible on day one on Game Pass.

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