Optimize Your Subscription Costs with GoSplit

Optimize Your Subscription Costs with GoSplit

By auroraoddi

Today, subscriptions to services like Netflix, Tidal Plus, and Nord VPN are becoming a significant part of our monthly budgets. In this context, GoSplit emerges as an innovative solution, applying the carpooling philosophy to the world of digital subscriptions, allowing you to save money by sharing costs.

What is GoSplit?

GoSplit is a website that facilitates the sharing of costs for multi-account digital subscriptions. This platform enables users to maximize the use of shared accounts, much like filling empty seats in a car. In a time when the cost of living is increasing, and the digital economy is expanding, GoSplit presents itself as a practical and advantageous solution for managing expenses related to digital services.

Gosplit offers an unprecedented breadth of subscriptions such as: Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Deezer, and many others, as well as services such as Google One, various gaming platforms (Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox), streaming services (DAZN, Crunchyroll, Paramount+, APPLE ONE, NOW, Discovery+), productivity tools (Dropbox, MasterClass, Microsoft 365, Envato Elements), and more.

How does GoSplit work?

For the Admin

A user can register on GoSplit as an Admin if they own a multi-account subscription and want to share unused accounts. This role makes it easy to manage co-subscribers and receive compensation for sharing. Through a simple user interface, the Admin can set sharing details, choose co-subscribers, and monitor service usage.

For the Joiner

As a Joiner, a user can join an existing group with available slots, thereby accessing premium services at a fraction of the cost. The process to become a Joiner is simple and intuitive, making GoSplit accessible to anyone who wants to enjoy quality services without bearing the entire cost.

Subscription Joining Process

To join a subscription on GoSplit, users must follow these steps:

  1. Visit the GoSplit marketplace.
  2. Search for the desired service.
  3. Once the offer is found, click on the “Join” button.
  4. Choose the desired number of slots and select a payment method.
  5. After payment, verify credentials or request sharing links on the subscription page.

GoSplit Costs and Fees

Co-subscribers pay a commission of €0.35 per month. For administrators, there is a connection fee for each new co-subscriber in the first month. GoSplit also imposes a penalty of €0.3 for the immediate removal of a co-subscriber. This pricing system is designed to be fair and transparent, ensuring that all users receive a quality service at a reasonable price.

GoSplit Trust Score

The trust score, visible on user profiles, influences the visibility of their offers in the marketplace. This score can be increased through actions like updating the profile photo or verifying the phone number. A high trust score not only increases the chances of finding co-subscribers quickly but also contributes to creating a trustworthy and secure environment within the platform.

Sharing a Subscription on GoSplit

To share a subscription, users must:

  1. Click on “+Share a subscription” next to the profile picture.
  2. Select the subscription to share and the corresponding plan.
  3. Indicate the number of slots to share.
  4. Choose whether to make the sharing public or private. This process is designed to be as simple and direct as possible, allowing users to efficiently and securely share their subscriptions.


GoSplit represents a smart solution to reduce digital subscription costs. With its user-friendly interface, efficient sharing system, and fair pricing model, GoSplit is an unmissable opportunity for those looking to optimize their digital expenses. Whether you’re an Admin seeking co-subscribers or a Joiner eager to access premium services, GoSplit provides a secure and reliable platform to meet your needs.