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Outriders Worldslayer: What to Know About the Latest Expansion

The follow-up expansion to the sci-fi action RPG Outriders, Outriders Worldslayer, has been out for about a month now.

If you have some interest in purchasing the game, just keep reading: in today’s article, we’re going to find out what new content Outriders Worldslayer has to offer!

Outriders Worldslayer, released on June 28, 2022, is a DLC of the online co-op role-playing looter shooter Outriders, developed by People Can Fly and released on April 1 of last year.

The expansion brings along a series of new content: a new campaign, a new endgame, new features and new complex character build possibilities. Since Worldslayer is available as Early Access, we can expect the game to be expanded upon with the addition of upgrades and new content in the near future (the first patch has been already dropped on July 12).

You can play Worldslayer on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Windows. It’s also available for Game Pass subscribers, be it on Xbox or PC: if you already have Outriders through Game Pass, you can upgrade to Worldslayer right away.

The new exciting content in Outriders Worldslayer

The new bad guy giving you a hard time throughout your run is Ereshkigal, a woman-turned-monster following the cataclysmic storms threatening Enoch and its inhabitants. The dangerous and powerful red-headed beauty leads the rebels in opposition to the Outriders, although her screen-time is unfortunately not long enough to explore her promising character.

As for the base game, Worldslayer is not particularly focused on the narrative aspect. But the engaging and innovative gameplay, combat and level design kind of makes up for that.

The expansion starts off with a campaign in which you’ll be busy fighting off challenging enemies controlled by Ereshkigal, while trying to reach the most remote outskirts of Enoch to warn everyone about the incoming storms. Worldslayer maintains the Expeditions format that was used in the original game for the campaign mode.

Endgame mode has been particularly appreciated by the players. The new location that’s going to serve as the main theater of your journey in endgame is the beautiful city of Tarya Gratar, from where the Trail of Tarya Gratar begins.

The Trail is presented as a dungeon alternating between freely explorable areas with multiple access paths.

Some areas lead to dead ends where bosses lurk around, and the loot here is pretty of substance. Other paths, riddled with fearsome foes and secrets, will take you towards the heart of the city instead. The enemies (new and old) within these areas will be randomly generated every time you’ll visit.

Character build features: Ascension Levels and PAX points

What about character builds? Worldslayer provides players with a couple interesting additions that can help you assemble the perfect all-around build over time for your character.

First we have Ascension Levels, a feature that can make your character level jump from a max of 30 to 200. When leveling up you’ll earn a point that provides a small percentage increase to certain stats. This point can be spent in the Ascension system in one of four categories, each of which have another five options.

Another upgrade customization-wise is the PAX class trees. Already present in the base game, the PAX tree system in Worldslayer becomes even more elaborated. The PAX class trees are unique to each class, and they’re slip into two branches.

This system in fact allows you to spend your points in order to unlock these two class-specific specializations. PAX points will help define and polish your build, and can be redistributed anytime.

But earning PAX points is no easy feat: they’ll only unlock the moment you complete significant events within Worldslayer‘s main campaign and the Trial of Tarya Gratar.


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