Qualcomm wants to take over the Smartphone gaming market

Qualcomm wants to take over the Smartphone gaming market

December 13, 2019 Off By Yvannosky

Currently the video game market is a market that moves millions of dollars, directly or indirectly. More and more companies are trying to enter this market and get a slice of this juicy cake.

One of the markets that currently has been expanding and achieving great increase in profits is the market for mobile games. Qualcomm has seen this reality and is now targeting this market. Today we will talk about Qualcomm’s strategy to take over the mobile gaming market.


The Mobile Phone Video Game Market


The video game industry is a world that moves a lot of money, we are talking about billions. Moved directly or indirectly around the globe. Smartphones are a key target for the industry. A lot of companies have focused only on this growing market.

As has the powerful Supercell, which took over the market a few years ago with its famous “Clash of Clans” or “Clash Royale. Or the Rovio company when it released its revolutionary Angry Birds, or the titanic mobile games company; King with its addictive Candy Crush.

There are even top-notch companies that have tried their hand at the world of mobile video games. Such was the case recently with Nintendo that made millions in profits with its Pokémon Go. Or more recently with his Mario Kart Tour that also caused a furor.

All these games have achieved for their respective creative companies a great utility, we are talking about profits of billions of dollars. And in most cases it didn’t require a big expenditure on their developments.

So proliferating is today’s market for mobile video games. That Qualcomm is already starting to work on productions for the mobile video game market, but these do not focus on titles or franchises.

The company’s job is to create new technologies that serve as technical support on mobile phones. The objective is simple: to optimise games to make them lighter, or even to improve the graphic section of a game that requires it.

Qualcomm has given some conferences in Hawaii, some of these conferences were specifically focused on the world of gaming. This company is aware of the potential this market can generate for them and does not plan to let it slip away.

The American company has made a name for itself in smartphone games in recent years. Last year, the video game market raised an exorbitant 68.5 billion dollars. We’re talking about the video game market in general. Consoles, computers, mobiles.

Over the past year, 518 million were raised only by users who faithfully followed eSports events. The competitive and professional world of video games, whose fan base is now as proliferating as the fans of football or boxing.

Many profits have also been generated in the sale of video game merchandise, from figures, shirts, posters and so on, anything that has the Super Mario cap can be sold.

It’s amazing how a market can evolve to such high standards.


Qualcomm positions itself in smartphone gaming


Qualcomm has developed a new platform called “Snapdragon Elite Gaming” in order to gain a better position in the mobile gaming market. This platform has been driven over the past few years by a new Snapdragon 865.

Todd LeMoine, chief engineer of Qualcomm’s gaming division, highlighted this plan at a conference. He emphasised that they are not just pointers in the development of SoC for smartphones. They are also at the forefront of creating new technologies for mobile video games.

A great example of this statement would be the Game Smoother 2.0, a new technology created by the people of Qualcomm that aims to give you the ability to make graphic adjustments in titles for Android.

Game Smoother 2.0 technology allows you to make various adjustments to the graphic quality of the game, thus giving the possibility of reaching 60FPS. The number of frames in which most of the current games run.

Combining this technology with the great adaptable engine also created by Qualcomm, Game Performance Engine, which allows you to monitor the workloads that your smartphone is running the games, and also allows you to make adjustments in real time. This way you can get an unsurpassed frame-rate.

Applying these technologies you can get your mobile games to run high frames such as PUBG Mobile which can reach 90 Frames Per Second (FPS) or QQ Speed tencent which can reach 120FPS.


Features of Qualcomm technology


Qualcomm’s new technology, Snapdragon Elite Gaming, will give you great support for screens up to 144Hz, great graphics quality talking about phones. and 10-Bit Ture HDR technology.

This cutting-edge technology was released only a year ago but has yet to be tested in any game.

Also Qualcomm will feature Game Color Plus technology, a technology that has been powered by Adreno GPUs, the goal of this technology is to enhance colors, shadows and brightness with the goal of providing an increase in the graphic quality of any game.

Thus the Snapdragon 865, combined with Adreno 650 GPU technology, has become the perfect match developed by Qualcomm to provide a solution to the new problems of playing heavy and poorly optimised video games on mobile devices. More specifically on Smartphones.

There is no doubt that this is a great innovation for the smartphone gaming market that will surely enable Qualcomm to achieve the position it is seeking in the mobile video game market.