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Read Sitechecker CPO Alexei Prokashev full interview!

The period of strong digital transition that we are experiencing has led in recent years more and more companies to the path of digitalization. In the same way, many have been able to exploit the opportunities that the network provides so that they can  make a virtue of necessity. The great online competitiveness and the drop in physical sales has completely revolutionized marketing strategies: the only goal is now the climbing of search engines’ SERP.  

Easy to say , but instead is much more complicated than you think, given that in this struggle there are many factors that affect the positioning of pages on Google. One of all, the optimization of SEO and of all those aspects on-site and off-side that weigh on the ranking, if not considered in the first place. A discourse that turns out to be easier for those who have been working in the e-commerce sector for a long time , but that instead poses several difficulties to the new, inexperienced digital marketers. How to solve the dilemma? As usual, thanks to technologies and new tools such as Sitechecker that facilitate and automate a whole series of processes that lead to the final growth of the business. 

Sitechecker, as the name suggests, is a tool designed to analyze web pages taking into account the loading speed and all those aspects that directly affect SEO. By entering the domain name, the platform is able to provide detailed reports and advice on how to improve the site and how to reach the top of the first Google page. Even if you are not an expert in the field, Sitechecker is able to provide in a single platform a complete guide to improve positioning, also relying on data collected by Google Search Console and Google Analytics. Instructions are provided in detail and placed in a “to-do” list whenever content, ranking or backlinks need to be changed or optimized.  

We got in touch with Alexei Prokashev, CPO AI Sitechecker, to talk about the company and the feelings with the clients. Keep reading!

Can you introduce Sitechecker? How was it born?

Sitechecker is the DIY SEO platform that can help you get to the top of Google without being or having to hire an SEO expert.
Our journey had begun in 2016. We started with a simple idea to help SEO specialists check websites. Knowing the pains and pitfalls of SEO from our own experience, we created an On-Page SEO checker with a simple but clear design to use within our company Boosta as an internal product. Then not only our colleagues but other people started to use the tool: friends, friends of our friends who have friends as well. They suggested some improvements , and we decided to introduce the product by SEO specialists  to the market. This is when Sitechecker started its development. 

What makes Sitechecker different? Can you explain the products with details?

There are many SEO software tools on the market, but some platforms are too complex for business owners and some platforms are too specialized, so you should pay for 4-5 different products. Sitechecker is created to make SEO easier and cheaper for business owners. It includes functionality for website audit and monitoring, on-page SEO, keyword and backlink tracking, SEO assistant and SEO Chrome extension. Make SEO progress deeper and faster using only one platform. 

What reactions does Sitechecker get from the clients?

Sitechecker by numbers:
– 250,000 monthly website visitors;

– 100,000 websites requested for check every month;

– almost 10,000 Chrome extension installs now. 

– #1 product of the day on ProductHunt

– 100+ reviews 

– 4.5 average rating on Capterra

– 4.4 average rating on G2

– Educational partnership with 10+ universities and online schools

and it’s only the beginning:)  

Message for future customers: what are the best marketing opportunities to run with Sitechecker?

Sitechecker is a perfect solution, not only for SEO specialists. Digital marketers can run a full SEO website analysis without waiting on an expert’s help and demonstrate the ROI of SEO with PDF reports. Business owners can fix all issues with personalized step-by-step instructions by SEO assistant and generate additional traffic from search. Agency directors can increase their revenue, adding SEO to their list of agency services, even if they don’t have extended SEO knowledge. Software developers can monitor their own or clients’ websites and catch any bugs before it’s too late. The first positions on Google are closer than you can imagine 🙂

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