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Square Enix postponed the announcement of the new PS5

Square Enix announces one more game from another IP, codename Project Athia, that takes a youngster from the high-level world into a spot where there is a dream.

Square Enix fans could have been anticipating another Final Fantasy 7 Remake or Final Fantasy 16 revelation, regardless, to get moving Sony’s PlayStation 5 event, Square Enix announced something very surprising taking everything into account. Introducing Project Athia, another game that Square Enix says is arranged uniquely for the PS5. Project Athia is, clearly, basically a working title for the new game. It should moreover be seen that Project Athia is furthermore avowed for the PC.

The short trailer that Square Enix showed for Project Athia during the PS5 event exhibited it to be a sort of creative mind action game. What might have been intelligence, or a consistent with life proliferation of intuitiveness, showed the game’s saint bouncing starting with one feign then onto the next and a short time later doing sorcery that bound a creature in thorns. The trailer wrapped up with a colossal legendary snake.

There’s another thing to Project Athia other than at first meets the eye, regardless. The trailer begins by explaining that the legend isn’t from this Lala land. In light of everything, they’re from the high-level world and have somehow been sent into where there is divination and fantastical creatures. The way these capacities and whether the state of the art world will expect a greater part isn’t as yet clear.

Splendid Productions depicts Project Athia as “the completion of our perspective,” that perspective being to join new gaming experiences, the latest developments, and workmanship. Project Athia will move players “to a gigantic and positive world stacked up with gloriousness and dissatisfaction.”

The last key knowledge in regards to Project Athia that ought to be referred to is the engine it depends on. Rather than using Unreal, like Square Enix’s new Final Fantasy titles, Project Athia involves Square Enix’s in-house engine Luminous Studio. Given Luminous’ set of experiences for delays, that could mean Project Athia is a leave plan from release.

Project Athia has no revealed conveyance window with the exception of is coming exclusively to PS5.

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