The biggest failures of technology in the decade

The biggest failures of technology in the decade

January 9, 2020 Off By Carolcfr

The world of technology evolves by leaps and bounds, sometimes much faster than we are able to imagine, this entails great victors, but also many defeated of which we are going to talk. There are an infinity of devices and services that in recent years have appeared without sorrow or glory.


We are going to know each one of them, to remember what they could be or with the promise that they developed, a plan that finally did not work as expected, even for the most important companies on the planet like Google.


Google Glass


An innovative project that rewards combining images with our environment without using anything other than glasses. The product went on the market and got some sales, although despite this its profits became a product desired by consumers.


Google Glass


Despite this, Google has not completely ruled out the idea and continues in one way or another looking for the method of making it the perfect complement to our day to day. We’ll see if in a few years, with new technologies, Google is able to turn it into what I dreamed.


Google +, one more failure of the company


With the intention of entering the world of social networks, Google + was born as the alternative to Facebook or Twitter, but ended up disappearing in 2018 without leaving any trace. The difficult competition faced by the company and the bad experiences in the social world, ended up leading them to another resounding mistake.


google plus


Google is able to develop functions, applications and other utilities that become essential for users, but that social world does not end up engaging users. We will see if in the future the company tries again with other new ideas.


Samsung Galaxy Note 7


A huge number of Samsung devices exploded during 2016, a fateful year for the company that suffered heavy losses, but in spite of that it recovered again. A terminal that had everything to become a best seller was affected by a failure that could be stopped by software.


Samsung galaxy


In the following years the size of the batteries was reduced and security has become a very important value for Samsung and other companies that saw how an error of that level can end all that users have associated with the company.


Ara project


Again Google appears on the scene, with a project that had its lengths from the beginning and finally stayed in a dream. The possibility of creating and modifying smartphones ourselves, choosing the components we want to use, sounded great, but it could hardly be put into practice.


Ara Project - Google


The brutal competition and the decrease in the price of smartphones, eventually led to the Ara Project being forgotten. Possibly in the future we will see a reinvention of this idea, we hope that by then it will work and we will have the possibility to choose our cameras, battery and other components.



In a market as competitive as the technological one, there will always be space for successful innovations as for those that are not.