This accessory aims to stop going to your optician to order new glasses

This accessory aims to stop going to your optician to order new glasses

January 13, 2020 Off By Carolcfr

Technology advances every day with different objectives, and among those we can mention facilitating certain tasks that we must perform daily or from time to time. The new functions, the new devices, the new applications and the new tools that appear in the market continuously, quickly become an instrument of great applications in the daily life of many people. Such is the case of this new accessory that we are going to detail today.


From certain ages, the view is changing and it is necessary to shorten the visits to our header optics, if only to check if we have the same diopters last time, or if it is necessary to order new glasses. As expected, the technological advances of recent years seek to make all these processes much faster and more comfortable.


And is there a better way to see how we have the view than to do it in our own home? For some time now all kinds of accessories for our mobile phones are proliferating that seek to make quick diagnoses about the most varied issues that affect our health. And this of our visual health is one of them.


A look at the mobile screen and voila!


EyeQue is a company that is dedicated to developing these types of devices, which are able to make a quick check in sight and tell us if we need to update our glasses or not. To achieve this, they have a device called VisionCheck that basically links to our smartphone and is able to analyze whether or not we have lost something of sight.


In essence, this VisionCheck is an ophthalmological refractrometer that is connected by Bluetooth to the mobile and that performs on a certain area of ​​the screen, a series of analyzes that are similar to those that make us overcome in optics, and that have to do with recognition of characters on screen, colors, etc.


This accessory has an application that we can download on both iOS and Android and that takes control of the checks we do every so often. This way the app will calibrate the changes and will make a recommendation on whether it is time to buy new glasses or not.


As we can see, the system is not very difficult to use since the device is attached to our smartphone through a rubber strap that is able to adjust to the size of our phone. Then, once set, just follow the instructions on the screen and go. In a few moments we will have a result to the visual tests.


You have it for sale in online stores, or on the manufacturer’s own page, at a price of around 62 euros to change and it can be used for both, you and all those people who want to control from time to time how their view are.


In summary, this is a very useful accessory that we can acquire without much difficulty, and that we can also use easily and quickly in order to verify the visual health that we have.