This is the iPhone 11 Pro gold and diamond that costs more than 100.000 euros

This is the iPhone 11 Pro gold and diamond that costs more than 100.000 euros

January 13, 2020 Off By Carolcfr

Extravagances or unusual designs have been part of our history in almost every aspect. From fashion designs, building constructions, shoes, handbags or purses, makeup, accessories and an endless number of others, they are some of the objects used to represent unique and special creations worthy of kings and marahás.

This extravagance has also reached the world of technology, specifically mobile devices.


It is common to see how, with each new generation of iPhone, news of special editions bathed in gold arrive that make on their own initiative some of the luxury brands, and watchmakers, most important in the world. And for the latest generations of Apple’s smartphone, one of the companies that have been meaning the most creating VERY special editions is Caviar.


The Russian company is responsible for some models that we have saw before, but without a doubt, today we are facing its most expensive and complex work, one that not only uses gold and diamonds to put in our hand a damn expensive product, but to offer a piece of watchmaking as we have rarely seen.


More than 100.000 euros


These iPhone 11 Pro Solarius Zenith Edition have a back completely made of 24 karat gold, with circular shapes that remind us of planets and  representations of the Universe, with that steam style so characteristic of Julio Verne’s novels, and which accompany nothing more and nothing less than 137 small diamonds. All that we will have to pay but also an element that, surely, you have already paid attention.


It is a piece of watchmaking that Caviar has inserted as a sample of what its true tradition is, of a Tourbillon mechanism inside which 19 precious stones have been set. Obviously, to make room for this watch the back of the iPhone 11 Pro used will be noticeably fattened.


To give you an idea of ​​the dimension acquired by these customized Apple phones, a normal iPhone 11 Pro comes to weigh an average of 180 grams. Well, after going through the hands of Caviar, the Solarius Zenith Edition model will move closer to half a kilo. A real barbarity that is only understood if we want to show this phone on very special occasions and very high level.


To round off the set, this Solarius Zenith Edition of the iPhone 11 Pro is accompanied by some Airpods Pro, also personalized, but without so much gold: just a black case, with the Caviar brand in gold lines, and the dark-colored headphones themselves. So that they are also VERY exclusive.


Finally the prices: an iPhone 11 Pro 64GB has a cost of about 92.000 euros, while the most expensive, an iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB reaches the absurd amount of 109.000. Surely too much for a smartphone that coming soon will feature a new model … gold-plated Caviar?


These unique and expensive designs are created thinking of an elite market to which only few belong. That is why usually the rest of the people do not know about the existence of these models. On the other hand, these creations would become part of a collection of unused devices, as soon as the new phone model appears, so it would not be a good investment.