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Tips to Refresh your Website

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It is very important that your website is updated, regardless of whether you are a large, medium or small company. Today we will see some fairly simple tips that you can use to update your website, in addition to some of these options that we will see below you can do yourself, which is a great opportunity that you can take to update your website and In the process, grow together with your company.

Let’s see the tips to refresh your website:

Update your sitemap

There are several reasons that are quite important for you to update your sitemap, however, let’s look at the two main reasons.


You must update your sitemap for your search engine optimization. This is very important as it speeds up the process for search engines to find all the content that you have put on your sitemap and on your website.

If your sitemap is up to date, it helps visitors quickly find the pages or products they are looking for while on your site, it is also easier for visitors and customers.

Upgrade your content management system

Sometimes websites can seem clunky, and in case your website is this way, a good option is to update your content management system or CMS.

Using your CMS updates and releases can improve the functionality of your website for users, which makes visitors and customers have a better experience. In addition, you also have greater security since if your CMS is not updated, you do not get the protection you need, and it can affect your website.

Revamp product images

In case you have a large number of products on your website, it is very important that all the products are up to date. The images are quite important because they show in a certain way what the products are like and customers may already have an idea and want to buy them, for this reason, the images must have a very good quality.

Also, if for example you have several designs, or colors or sizes of the same product, it is important that there are images of each of the products so that customers can choose in a better way and it is also easier to make a decision to buy.

Update the content

Having updated content is quite important, especially so that your customers and the people who visit your website have a better experience. Also that when you make content updates, this updates and improves the search engines.

An easy and fast way to update your content is by using a blog, where you can share all the information about your company, your products and services, among other information that is important to share with your audience. By clicking here you can look at a website where they update their content very often, in order to have an example.

Bring your call to action up to the front

The options that you can have to make a call to action are very simple and fast, in addition to giving your visitors or customers of your website the opportunity to carry out the expected action.

You can add a button to the top half of the page, where it can be visible to people who visit your website, so people can perform the action of that button, for example, it can be a “buy now”, or “follow us on our social networks”, among other options that you can add.

It is important that the place where you put the call to action is visible, because if, for example, you put it at the bottom of the page, it is very difficult for people who are viewing your website to go to the end, which makes this option missing.

Change the site theme and colors

Changing the appearance of your website can have a profound effect, plus it also grabs people’s attention, bringing more visitors to your website. The platforms give you the option to change the colors, themes, layouts, and more on your website, so it’s as easy and fast as changing a phone case.

Optimize your mobile site

It is very necessary that your website is optimized and can be seen correctly for the customers who are viewing the website from a smartphone or mobile device. Nowadays it is quite common to shop or search from mobile devices, so it is quite important that your website is optimized and that the design is good for a good display.

In addition, this option of being able to view your website from a mobile device gives you more opportunities to have more customers, especially those who use their phones or mobile devices most of the time. It’s also important to remember that Google favors mobile-optimized websites, so your website has a better chance of appearing in search engines if it’s optimized.

Keep your site’s banner up-to-date

The banner is the main image that appears at the top of your website, keeping this image up to date is important as it allows visitors to see your entire website in a clearer way. 

Also, in this banner you can promote your products or services, you can even add promotions or discounts so that your customers have more opportunities to buy, and your business and e-commerce can grow.

Approve comments manually

Comments on your website can be a point that spammers can do their homework on, however, by adding the option to manually approve comments, you can go through one by one and post the comments that are good and clean, and in this way you can prevent spam.

Add chatbot functionality

You can use a chatbot so that people who are visiting your website have more options to solve their doubts. A chatbot has computerized answers, however, answers to frequently asked questions can be programmed for the chatbot to answer and help customers. 

Remove duplicate content and consolidate existing ones

You should avoid having duplicate content, as this not only makes your site less than optimal, but also affects the image that the customer has of your website. Also content may not perform well on search engine results pages, so if you have duplicate content you can put it together and create a single post that mixes everything and is much stronger, in this way you can have a more elaborate image for your clients.

Do a link audit

It is necessary to check that the links, whether internal or external, that are in the publications are correct and not broken, therefore it is important to review the links. It may seem like an insignificant task, however, it is important so that these links do not affect and have a negative impact on your website and with your customers.

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