What is and how does SelfieType, Samsung’s virtual keyboard work?

What is and how does SelfieType, Samsung’s virtual keyboard work?

January 10, 2020 Off By Carolcfr

In recent years we have been able to see how technology evolves by leaps and bounds, especially in the world of smartphones. These small devices are capable of allowing us many advantages and facilitating daily tasks, becoming not only a work tool, but also a video game console or a music player.


The latest innovation that we will see is called SelfieType and comes from Samsung, as a new method of using the mobile without even touching it, turning any surface on our keyboard. This will take a very important step forward, offering us more and more possibilities.


What is SelfieType?


This innovation is not something we have never been able to hear, rather it is a dream that seems to finally come true. For years we have been able to know concepts of this level, which showed us a future where the screens do not need to be touched. In recent times we have been able to see how some devices such as Google Pixel 4, allows us to switch between songs or turn off the alarm with just making some gestures in front of the camera, but Samsung wants to go further and has advanced us how will its SelfieType system .


Without the need for additional hardware or other technologies, we will be able to use a virtual keyboard on mobile phones, tablets and any device we can imagine. To use it we will only need a front camera and an artificial intelligence that collects the pulsations we make on the table or surface.


Possible problems and errors in early versions


According to Samsung, we will not have the possibility to see on the table any type of projection, at least on the smartphones or devices we currently have. This could cause serious typing failures, confusing the system with letters and words when predicting them.


It is hoped that this system will progressively improve and in a while we will be able to use our mobile phone as if it were a tablet with a keyboard, making us forget the physical format even more. This innovation is within the development system of Samsung C-Lab Inside that not only has this innovation, but it is one of the most anticipated.


Among other of its proposals we find ultraviolet light sensors in smartbands, as well as televisions that can be controlled by gestures or an underline that scans text and digitizes it to send it to our mobile. The world of technology is becoming less tangible and more virtual.


Like Samsung, other manufacturers of technological devices continue to work to make possible things that we only saw before in futuristic movies and that we never imagined seeing as a tangible product (or virtual as the case may be) in the market, and at our fingertips .


We are completely sure that we will continue to see amazing innovations in the world of technology and much more of artificial intelligence. So we will not be surprised when we can execute an endless number of tasks virtually, without having to have contact with the work tools.