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What is the Aurora store?

Aurora Store is an outsider application store like Aptoide TV. This elective store will work similarly as well as Aptoide and Google Play.

This application store holds a great many famous applications across an assortment of classifications including the absolute Most Popular Streaming APKs.

The best part is that Aurora Store is viable with streaming gadgets that run Android OS like the Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, and Android gadgets.

While the authority Google Play Store is accessible for establishment on a Firestick, this requires establishing the gadget which is a muddled and troublesome interaction.

Introducing an elective choice like Aurora Store is a lot more straightforward interaction and the best part is that a large portion of the applications that are accessible in Google Play are additionally accessible in Aurora Store.

To utilize this outsider application store, Aurora Store should be sideloaded onto your Streaming Device. This is otherwise called “jailbreaking” the gadget.

Aurora Store Highlights

Is Aurora Store Safe to Use?

Before we introduce this application, I will examine the authority Android APK establishment document with VirusTotal.

Here is the screen capture of the sweep results:

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