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What is VideoRobot and how it works?


VideoRobot is one of the different options that exist in the current market, to create unique and attractive videos.

What is VideoRobot?

It is a platform that allows you to convert and create videos easily, quickly and effectively. It is a powerful comprehensive tool that provides endless functions, all focused on facilitating the creation of high-quality videos.

VideoRobot is a tool that works completely in the cloud, so you can use it on any personal computer, regardless of the operating system. You only require an Internet connection.


Customize VideoRobot templates

VideoRobot brings you over 300 professionally designed templates. Each of these templates includes professional-level female or male voice overs, expertly written content, backgrounds, animations, images, and much more.

All templates are customizable, so you can get a unique design. You can change images, backgrounds, text effect, animations, logos, etc.

You can import a solid background video or green screen, to edit your video. You can create a masterpiece using animated backgrounds that will impress your audience.

Synchronize voices automatically

VideoRobot gives you the function of synchronizing the audio or script of your video, with the movement of the lips of the avatars. This is possible thanks to the technology of lip synchronization in real time, with which the platform has.

To achieve better contact and connection with your audience, the tool translates the audio into almost any language, using more than 50 voices with accents to give the audios more realism.

You can also record your own voice from the platform, and use your own script. You can also import your recorded voice over and the tool automatically syncs it with the selected avatar.

These are some of the languages ​​that VideoRobot supports

German, English (US), Spanish, Latin American Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Mandarin Chinese, Indonesian, Arabic, Czech, Danish, Greek, Finnish, Filipino, French (Canada), French (France ), Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Kannada, Russian, Slovak, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Korean, Thai, Bengali, Gujarati, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, English (India), English (UK) , English (Australia), Chinese (Taiwan), Bengali, Chinese (Hong Kong), Estonian Romanian, Swedish, Turkish, Icelandic, Moldovan, Montenegrin, Welsh.

In case the language you want is not in the list, you can create the video in any language. You just have to upload the file with the audio or record your own voice. The tool will take care of synchronizing the audio with the avatar’s lips.

Musical background

You can also import an audio file or choose one from the library of

VideoRobot. All the tracks provided by the platform are royalty free.

In the case of background music, the software automatically trims it to match the length of the video.

Whiteboard animation

Other functions that VideoRobot offers is the generation of impressive animations and graphics. This type of video also effectively captivates the audience.

You can select from over a hundred templates for creating whiteboard animation videos. These types of animations, in addition to being elegant, manage to captivate the public for longer, increase participation, as well as the number of clicks.

Advantages of VideoRobot

Creating videos with VideoRobot allows you to obtain hundreds of high quality audiovisuals in a short time. All this, without the need for you to be an expert in the area. In addition, it also allows you to enjoy the following benefits:

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