WhatsApp will have a ‘battery saving’ option with the new dark mode

WhatsApp will have a ‘battery saving’ option with the new dark mode

January 12, 2020 Off By Carolcfr

In order to allow users to make use of their cell phones until the last moment of their battery life, different applications and even the same cell phones incorporate functions that reduce the brightness of the screen to maximize energy.


This time it is the giant of instant messaging, WhatsApp, who presents a new functionality to assist in the battery saving of different smartphones.


The dark mode of WhatsApp is getting too much to beg and, although we have news of its existence for months, from Facebook they still do not release any final version that we can already install on our devices. And it will not be because many of us are waiting for it as “May water”.


The fact is that it has become a small torture to see how that dark mode is coming with droppers to the beta version, showing small modifications that do not seem to take anywhere beyond continuing to extend the date of the final update of the messaging app .


Dark mode, of course, and what else?


Until now, most applications that incorporated the dark mode brought three configuration options to their settings menu: light, dark and the same one we have in the operating system. We already know that WhatsApp itself had fiddled with something similar a since few weeks ago but now there is another change that we do not know very well how to interpret it. Or if?


And it has disappeared that option to adjust the theme of WhatsApp to the same that we have in the OS (at least in Android) and replaces it with one that offers battery saving. Why? Well, the explanation is very simple: this menu that you have right here below will be the one that users who have on their Android 9 Pie smartphone installed (or any other lower version) will see, while those of Android 10 will have the option of Choose the one we mentioned before.


The raison d’être of this change is that in Android 9 or lower versions there is no dark mode, so we are given the option to have the application alternate between light and dark mode depending on the battery we have left. If we are already in the last ones, WhatsApp will automatically put itself in that dark mode to try to extend the autonomy of the terminal for a few minutes … just to get home or to the nearest charger.


The dark mode of WhatsApp seeks to provide users with the opportunity to opt for a mode of screen lighting, which collaborates in saving energy when the cell phone’s battery is about to run out.


So remember: Android 10 users, WhatsApp will let you choose between the light, dark and the same theme of the operating system. But if you do not have this latest version of the Google OS, then you have to comply with the energy savings at a time when our terminal is already operating with a battery percentage lower than 20%. Smart solution for software limitations.