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Zona Gourmet Lechería, a family business that delights palates

Zona Gourmet Lechería

In the midst of the pandemic period that the world is going through, people have brought out some talents that they had not used to the fullest until now. This is the case of Mariela Vicente, one of the creators along with her entire family, of Zona Gourmet Lechería.

Zona Gourmet Lechería is an enterprise that offers a line of frozen foods and artisan breads, with innovative recipes.

We got in touch with Mariela to learn about this beautiful and delicious venture, which has brought a different flavor to the homes of the diners.



Hello Mariela, in principle we want to thank you for attending us and sharing your experience with us. To begin, can you please tell us how Zona Gourmet was born?

Infinitely grateful for the opportunity and this window to present our story through this important medium.

Zona Gourmet Lechería was born on April 16 of this year, in the midst of this pandemic that we are still experiencing.

I have always liked cooking and especially making desserts. Last year I took a bread making course where I learned to make some very simple ones. From that moment I started practicing recipes at home, adding and removing ingredients, until I got my own recipe, which for me was perfect, and that day, eating delicious hamburgers as a family, Zona Gourmet Lechería was born.

What market or audience are you trying to cover?

We have focused on captivating the public with an exquisite palate …. that of good eating ….. the one who eats tasty and likes different flavors. For this we work from day one to constantly improve our products, reinvent ourselves and innovate with new flavors and ingredients.



What are the star products of Zona Gourmet? And what has made them a diner favorite?

Our star products so far are several: hamburger bread is everyone’s favorite, our tequeños are more in demand every day, and lumpias the most commented and recommended.

We really work with great dedication, preserving the quality, the image and, above all, using the best ingredients. These have been our key to success, always treating the client as he deserves … as the best of clients.

How does the Delivery service work?

In principle, our clients contact us through WhatsApp or through direct Instagram messaging, and we offer our delivery service together with our products when the client requests our menu.

According to the area, we indicate to the buyer the additional cost, we coordinate the logistics and the client receives our products at their doorstep. If they wish, they can also collect their purchase at our location.



Many of our products are frozen so they arrive in perfect condition at the hands of our clients. And as for the breads, we make them at the moment so that our customers receive the freshness and incomparable flavor of freshly baked bread.

What Instagram tools or features do you use for marketing?

Instagram has become our ally for the marketing of our brand. It provides us with all the facilities we need to serve clients, attend to orders, as well as allowing us to create strategic alliances with very interesting suppliers and partners.

As a family we distribute our work, and it is my husband and my daughter who are in charge of managing our Instagram account. They are responsible for posting our offers, new products, seasonal promotions, and highly expected contests.

This social network has become a very useful and helpful tool for us, which has allowed us to expand our reach in the city, even allowing us to reach the public in neighboring cities.



Does Zona Gourmet have expansion plans in the future?

Our expansion plans are many, from continuing to increase the variety of products to industrializing without losing our artisan touch, which characterizes us and our customers have liked so much.

For this we work every day from Monday to Monday, without rest for more than 6 months continuously.

Thank you Mariela for sharing this beautiful story of family entrepreneurship.

Zona Gourmet Lechería is currently located in the city of Lechería, Anzoátegui state – Venezuela, bringing a unique flavor to the tables of Venezuelan families. If you want to enjoy food made with love, dedication and special recipes, you can contact them:

Instagram: @zonagourmetlecheria

WhatsApp: +58 414 823 5119

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