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Google Pay: Here’s a Guide to Add, Remove or Edit your Payment Method

Launched in 2015, Google Pay is Google’s service for mobile payments, meaning that by simply adding your credit or debit card to the app, you’ll be able to make payments with a tap of your finger without needing to pull out your card out of your wallet. Pretty convenient, right?

After choosing and adding a payment method to Google Pay, you can also use this service in other areas, for instance, when you order food online from a restaurant, or even to make payments at gas stations. Not only that, because Google Pay allows peer-to-peer money transfers: you can send money to other people who use Google Pay, as well as receive it.



Apart from these features, Google Pay has many other useful things to offer. But in this article, we’d like to tell you how you can add, remove or edit your payment method. All of these operations can be done on the Google Play Store app for Android mobile devices, but also on your computer by visiting your Play Store account. The passages you’ll have to follow on a computer are just about the same as for the app. Let’s dive right into it!

How to add a payment method






Add an alternative payment method for subscriptions

You can also avoid interruptions to your subscriptions if you add a backup payment method for individual subscriptions to your Google Play account. This will come in handy because if your primary payment method stops working, your backup payment method will be charged. As for the primary payment methods, you can remove backup payment methods at any time. Here’s what you should do:



How to remove a payment method



How to edit a payment method

  • to edit a payment method, on your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Play Store app 
  • now, tap Menu  > Payment methodsMore payment settings
  • when asked, sign in to your Google Pay account
  • then, under the payment method you want to edit, simply tap Edit
  • make your updates, then tap Update when you’re finished

How to change your payment method during a purchase

If you realise that it would be better to change payment method while making a payment, you can do so just like this:

  • as usual, go to the Google Play Store app  on your device
  • then go to a paid item’s detail page
  • tap the price and review app permissions
  • then, under the app name, tap the Down arrow  > Payment methods
  • now choose from one of your existing payment methods, or maybe add a new one
  • and finally, complete your purchase

Keep in mind that if you add a payment method while making a purchase, it will be saved in your account.


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