10 Online Photo Editing Software

10 Online Photo Editing Software

By auroraoddi

If you are passionate about photography, a professional in the field, or simply looking to enhance your personal images, you will certainly need good photo editing software. In an era where digital images play a central role in our daily lives, having the right tools to make desired edits and achieve stunning results is crucial.

In this article, we will guide you through an overview of the top online photo editing software available in the market. We will not only provide you with a selection of the most powerful software, but also offer a detailed evaluation of their features, usability, and creative potential.


Photoshop is one of the most widely used graphic editing software in the world, developed by Adobe Systems Incorporated. As a raster graphics program, it operates on individual pixels of images, allowing for precise control over the final appearance of photos.

One of Photoshop’s key features is the ability to work with images on multiple overlaying layers. Layers act like transparent sheets stacked on top of each other, enabling modifications without affecting the original image, offering greater flexibility and ease of managing edits.

Photoshop offers a wide range of tools and filters to remove imperfections, enhance color and brightness, create artistic effects, and much more. It can be used for professional purposes such as web graphics, advertising materials, drawing, and illustrations, or even for simple photo retouching tasks.

To use Photoshop, you need to download it onto your computer. However, before downloading, you need to subscribe to one of the subscription plans offered by Adobe. There are various subscription options available, depending on the user’s needs, including plans for individuals, businesses, students, educators, and educational institutions.

While Photoshop has an intuitive interface, fully harnessing its capabilities requires practice, experience, and experimentation. Using the various tools, panels, and windows may take some time to master, but once learned, it opens up endless creative possibilities. Photoshop is a powerful and versatile tool for graphics and image editing, offering many creative opportunities to those willing to learn how to use it.


Canva is an online image editing tool that offers the ability to create eye-catching graphics from pre-designed templates or custom dimensions. This tool makes graphic creation an easy experience even for those who are not particularly creative.

The program offers a wide selection of adaptable layouts for various templates such as social media posts, flyers, or business cards. Additionally, Canva provides millions of high-quality illustrations and photographs that can be used to personalize your works.

Canva offers advanced features in its paid versions, allowing you to create unlimited folders for projects, resize images, download projects with transparent backgrounds, and access free high-quality photos. These advanced features are particularly useful for work-related tasks and enable you to achieve professional results.

Canva is an online image editing tool that offers infinite creative possibilities. With its vast selection of pre-designed templates, advanced functions, and millions of illustrations and photographs, it allows anyone to create personalized high-quality graphics. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, Canva is an accessible and intuitive tool that will help you create your visual projects easily and effectively.

Pixlr – Best for Beginners

Pixlr is a popular photo editing platform with its wide collection of templates, filters, frames, and design elements. For beginners in photo editing, there is no better platform than Pixlr X. Suitable for all types of photo editors, Pixlr offers an intuitive AI-based creative suite, ideal for personal branding and growing your small business.

Pixlr understands the importance of having access to unlimited creative resources and innovative tools for content creation. Moreover, the entire platform is user-centric, designed to simplify, smarten, and speed up any editing and design process.

Fotor – For Beginners

If you are looking for an easy-to-use online photo editor, Fotor is the ideal solution. This tool allows you to bring your images to life in a simple and fast way. Fotor enables you to edit your photos in various ways. You can adjust image sizes, apply artistic filters for stunning effects, add text, shapes, stickers, frames, and more. This feature allows you to creatively and uniquely personalize your photos.

Furthermore, creating photo collages is a feature that we particularly appreciate in Fotor. With just a few clicks, you can combine multiple images into a single photo, perfect for the main images in your blog posts.

Among the features offered by Fotor is also the DESIGN function. When you click on the “Design” option, it opens a page where you can create images for social media, such as Facebook posts or cover images for Google+, YouTube, and more. This aspect is particularly useful considering that image dimensions for different social channels can be complex to manage. Additionally, Fotor allows you to create advertising banners, titles for your blog, newsletter headers, and much more.

Fotor is a comprehensive online editing tool that caters to the needs of amateur and professional photographers alike. With its intuitive features, Fotor allows you to express your creativity and achieve extraordinary results. Make the most of the potential of this online photo editor and make your images unique for your blog or online business.

Photoshop Express (Mobile Version)

Adobe Photoshop Express is a simplified version of the full Adobe Photoshop app, available for free. You can use it to resize images for social media and optimize them for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. You can also make basic edits to images, touch up details, create photo collages, and add special effects. It is a handy option if you are away from your computer and want to edit your photos on iOS or Android devices.


Instasize is a powerful photo editor that offers a range of features to turn your images into Instagram masterpieces. You can customize the framing of your photos by moving and resizing the image to highlight the most interesting details. Instasize filters allow you to change the style and tone of your photos, while advanced editing gives you full control over the look of your images.

You can add text and frames for a personal touch and easily share your photos on Instagram and other social media platforms. Instasize is the ideal tool to enhance the quality of your photos and create stunning images that capture the attention of your followers. Don’t miss the opportunity to turn your photos into authentic works of art with Instasize!

PhotoDirector Essential – Best Overall

PhotoDirector10 Essential is a powerful photo editing software. One of the most interesting features of PhotoDirector10 Essential is the introduction of new AI style tools, which are truly impressive. These tools use artificial intelligence to automatically apply editing styles to your photo, allowing you to achieve amazing results with a simple click.

Additionally, the software offers a range of other beneficial features. For example, it has a clipping mask system that allows you to add new layers to your projects, providing additional creative possibilities. Moreover, its simple and intuitive interface and clearly labeled functionalities allow users to easily identify the tools to use, making the editing process more efficient and enjoyable.

If you are a professional in the photography industry, you will certainly appreciate the soft-proofing and tethered shooting features offered by PhotoDirector10 Essential. These functionalities enable advanced printing techniques and streamline the workflow during photoshoot sessions.

Not only is the software feature-rich, but it also offers a wide selection of free styles and paid style packs. This allows you to customize your photos with a wide range of effects and filters, bringing your images to life with creativity and originality. If you are looking for a comprehensive and powerful photo editing software, PhotoDirector10 Essential is definitely worth considering. With its numerous innovative features and wide range of available styles, it will allow you to express your creativity to the fullest and achieve exceptional results with your photos.

Photoscape X

Photoscape X is a fun and easy-to-use photo editing program that can be installed on both Microsoft and Mac computers. It can be downloaded for free and is a great alternative to Photoshop or Lightroom, which can often be expensive and complex for beginner photographers.

Installing Photoscape X is simple and it includes all the necessary tools, such as color control, brightness adjustments, filters, and effects, to easily make modifications to your photos.

Photoscape X offers many features for viewing, enhancing, editing, and printing your images. In fact, it is so comprehensive that many consider it the free version of Photoshop.

This application may not reach the same level as the famous Adobe program, but it is a worthy alternative that makes photo editing much more enjoyable! Photoscape X offers numerous filters, tools, and special effects to enhance your photos.

The user interface is well-designed. From the main window of Photoscape X for Mac, you can select what you want to do: view photos, optimize ones that didn’t turn out well, create collages, or add the numerous included filters and special effects. The interface is organized logically and easily accessible, making it more intuitive than Photoshop: everything is organized logically and easy to access.

Movavi Picverse – Object Removal

This platform offers users the ability to upload their images, crop them, and insert elements from one photo to another.

However, the photo editing functions offered by Movavi Picverse may not fully meet the expectations of more demanding users. In this case, you can upgrade to the Photo Studio package, which offers a wide range of options with a monthly subscription. Let’s start with Movavi Photo Editor, software available for PC and Mac, designed to meet the needs of all photographers.

Among Movavi Photo Editor’s features, quick background removal stands out, allowing you to remove or change photo backgrounds in a few simple steps. This tool allows you to view the original image, automatically select silhouettes, create a transparent background, or set a new background. With Movavi Photo Editor, you can achieve amazing results in no time, thanks to features such as AI-powered auto enhancement, background removal, photo restoration, and more.

GIMP – For Professionals

GIMP is a computer application that offers outstanding image editing capabilities. This free software allows you to freely express your creativity by combining the powerful features of Photoshop with the usability of Microsoft Paint.

GIMP is a powerful image manipulation software that includes features such as noise reduction, color correction, brushes, gradients, and the ability to create collages and posters. Additionally, GIMP offers an open-source code, allowing users to view and modify the software freely online and use existing code to create new software versions.

However, it’s important to note that only the PC version of GIMP deserves such positive reviews. Regarding the mobile or online version of GIMP, the opinion is entirely different. Developers offer complete features only in the paid version, and the subscription does not remove the advertisements, which require an extra payment. Therefore, the PC version of GIMP is undoubtedly the one that deserves your attention.

The key points of GIMP include its open-source code, which allows for customization of functionalities, a wide range of tools and features, support for various file types, and an intuitive user interface.

In conclusion, whether you are a photography enthusiast or in need of enhancing your personal images, having good photo editing software is essential. In the article, we have provided an overview of the best software available in the Italian market. Regardless of the chosen software, these tools offer infinite creative possibilities to enhance and transform your images. Choose the one that best suits your needs and start creating stunning visuals.