5 best moments of 2022

5 best moments of 2022

By dayannastefanny

Science fiction is now a reality with these events

An astral boat collides with an aerolite

In case you didn’t know, on September 26, 2022, a NASA astral boat collided specifically with Dimorphos, the last aerolite orbiting close to another one of the maximum sizes, called Didymos.

And although the crash appeared to be straight out of chrome Armageddon, it was a Redirection Test that sought to recriminate the imagination of a shapeless deflection technology, intended to function as a planetary mockery system.

With the DART cameras, the images were transmitted in striped, and the preaching ended after the boat collided with the aerolith. It is noteworthy that the DART prediction marked the first time that the aid expressly modified the computation of a cerulean intention in space.

The heartbeat is incredible in the sky

One of the most amazing events of 2022 was the rapid burst of radio waves discovered in 2007. Recently, a mysterious recording was found with a pattern that appears to be a heartbeat.

Fast radio bursts (FRBs) are millisecond bursts of radio waves of unknown origin, which has led to speculation about the origin of ‘whether this is universal or extraterrestrial.

As for the recording, astronomers suspect that the signal comes from an unknown galaxy about 1 billion kilometers away. In addition, scientists have also discovered an object, one of the largest rotating celestial bodies ever seen.

Mysterious space rings

Speaking of strange things, astronomers have taken the first step in understanding strange objects, also known as ORCs; a phenomenon that has amazed scientists since their discovery in 2020.

This is because they found rings of space that are so large that each one is about one million light-years in diameter; It is 16 times larger than the Milky Way, which took billions of years to reach its maximum size, which is more extensive than any other galaxy.

In 2022, astronomers took the first detailed radio image with the MeerKAT telescope at the South African Radio Astronomy Observatory; narrowing down possible extraterrestrial theories to explain the mysterious features of the atmosphere.

Disturbing and unusual black holes

Both in movies and in various science fiction stories, black holes are known for their chaotic behavior and for sucking in stars, so some astronomers; through the Hubble space telescope were surprised when they saw a black hole feeding the birth of stars.

The observation revealed an umbilical cord of gas coming out of a black hole that reaches the center of a galaxy where stars are born. Such a phenomenon triggered a never-before-seen spectacle of star birth.

The space voice assistant

Finally, in 2022 NASA flew its first virtual assistant; like Siri or Alexa, on the space agency’s Artemis I mission. Although we can’t exactly compare it to the voice assistant from 2001:

A Space Odyssey, the decision made a lot of memes about it. The Artemis I mission was unmanned, so NASA ground control teams used Callisto’s voice assistant to control cabin lights and play music during the mission.

Artemis I was only a test mission, and NASA is investigating how to incorporate voice recognition into future missions.

What technological advances could 2023 bring us?

Both in space and on Earth, we can see the advancement of artificial intelligence and the next step in many electric vehicles, not to mention some commercial space vehicles.

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