5 Telegram features you might not have known

5 Telegram features you might not have known

By IsraeliPanda

The Telegram is one of the elements stuffed informing administrations out there, outfitted for certain slick advantages that can put rivals like WhatsApp and Signal to disgrace with regards to usefulness. While essential Telegram highlights like the capacity to alter messages subsequent to sending them are notable, here are a few lesser-known, yet unimaginably helpful things the application can do that could come in very convenient.

1. Live area and closeness alarms

Telegram clients can send each other live areas very much like WhatsApp. Live areas permit the beneficiary to follow the source continuously temporarily when they’re moving. In any case, with Telegram, the two players can likewise set nearness alarms. These are little cautions that will ring when another client draws near. You can, for example, set up a closeness alert for when your companion gets inside a 50-meter sweep of you at the shopping centre, so you can begin searching for them around you.

To utilize live areas and vicinity cautions, go to the contact’s visit window and tap on the ‘Connect’ symbol formed like a paperclip. Pick the area button here, and pick ‘Offer my Live Location’. You will actually want to send live areas for either 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours.

When you and your contact have both imparted your live areas to one another, Telegram will show the two players on one or the other guide, which permits them to follow one another. Once here, pick the vicinity ready button on the upper right. You can pick your distance boundaries here while the application shows you a live preview of the roundabout distance you have picked.

2. Booked and Silent messages

Telegram permits you to plan messages to be sent at a specific time. Further, you can likewise send ‘quiet’ messages without sound when you would rather not upset the collector. This can be ideal when you need to send your supervisor a message, while you know he/she is in a gathering or when you need to send a companion something significant when they’re out with their loved ones.

To plan and send quiet messages, clients can basically compose their messages, yet lengthy tap on the send button rather than just squeezing it. This will show you the timetable and quiet message choices.

3. Custom subjects

A message permits you to tweak your application connection point however you would prefer. To accomplish that, clients can browse various subjects and shading blends in the application. These will change components like the shades of talk foundations and messages as well.

To do this, go to Telegram’s settings by sliding over the burger menu from the left of the application. Here, pick ‘Settings’ and afterwards click on ‘Talk Settings’. In this menu, you will see various subjects and shading choices to browse. Further, you can likewise change the bend on message boxes and text dimensions.

4. Alter and supplant pictures while sending

Sent an image without adding your typical channel or denoting the message you needed to feature? Sent some unacceptable picture by and large? Message can take care of you. The application permits clients to alter photographs and even supplant them after you have sent it.

To do this, long-push on an image you have sent. Pick the ‘Alter’ button on the top, very much like you’d alter an instant message whenever you have sent it. Presently, you will get an in-constructed photograph editorial manager where you can add channels, draw or yield pictures. On the other hand, you could supplant the image and send another in its place.

5. Limitless individual distributed storage

Telegram has an individual ‘Saved Messages’ space for every client. This is available from the left cheeseburger menu on the principal screen. Clients can save significant messages here which will be upheld on Telegram’s safe cloud very much like your talks. The Saved Messages space can then be gotten to across you’re your telephone, PC and whatever another gadget where your record is signed in.

Dissimilar to other cloud-based arrangements, Telegram’s own space has limitless capacity. You can likewise send a wide range of documents here. Notwithstanding, note that each record you send should be measured lesser than 1.5GB.

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