How to create a blog on Blogger

How to create a blog on Blogger

By IsraeliPanda

In this blog post, I’m going to show you the best way to start a blog on Blogger and use a web program to place someone on your website.

Step 1 Create a blog

  • Open Blogger on your website
  • Click the Create Blog button. This is the orange catch on the spot.
  • Sign in with your Google Account. Enter your Google email address or phone number. Click Next. Enter the password for the recording, Click on in front. If you don’t have a Google Account, click the Create Blue Account button at the bottom of the login form.
  • Enter a title for your blog in the topic field. No doubt you will be motivated when you join. Create a new page in the spring window. Get the event fields that include “Get” in the most important view. In the spring, enter your site name here. If you don’t see this window often, click orange to create a new blog in the middle.
  • Enter your blog URL in the Address field. Close the address below the Snap Title item field and enter the URL you need for your website. As you type, the open URL will appear in the full list of folders. Here you can click on a domain to select it. The blue squares are indicated by white dots near the regional areas.
  • Choose a theme for your website. In the Topics box, move the blog entry down and capture it. You need to use it.
  • Click the Create Blog button.

Step 2 Create a post

  • Click Capture New Post. The Blogger statement processor will open and you will be rewarded for creating a new position.
  • Enter the topic in the title field. Take this field element next to the blog name at the top. , Enter the title of your new post here.
  • textBlog Area: Insert the blog section into Blogger Content Manager, like most regular blogs like Word or Google Docs. You can use the toolbar at the top to change the content style, size, text tone, and layout of your post. In addition, Collaboration, Photo, and Filmmaker show a smile in a toolbox where you can add a link, photo, video, or main character to your message. You can write messages to other devices and simplify them in the future. If you need to enter your HTML post, click the HTML button at the top left.
  • Click the post settings in the right (right) soft menu icon under the Circle button at the top right. Tag: You can add a tag to a position to add a position to the content family. Design helps users identify this position on their site and helps webmasters find content designed for their customers ’interactions. Make sure the alarm is undeniable, short and loud. Scheduling: allows you to place posts concisely.

You can plan to post at another time or at another time. Permanent link: This option allows you to change the URL to enter it directly. Of course, it will be set up with the initial theme, but you can change it here as you wish. List-Locations to add placeholders to posts. This is very important when accessing online journals. Options: you can: Change the different options of the post, such as a weak person commenting on a post, how to return the HTML code, and so on.

  • Press System Button (Optional) This button is near the top right corner of the page.
  • Click the Circle button. Access a new post on your site.
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